New Peace Skills Institute Trains Clergy and Laity Alike

Published on: June 1, 2013

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Are you aware of the differences between what it means to be spiritually awake versus spiritually and emotionally mature, and how the development of this maturity—or lack thereof—reveals itself in our personal lives and in the boards and leadership teams in which we participate?

Are you aware of your specific style of response under stress? Did you know that IQ (intelligence) may get you into a leadership position, but it is spiritual and emotional maturity that will keep you there and functioning coherently as a team member and as a team?

Peace skills research reveals that approximately 90% of all “issues” that arise within a spiritual community could have been averted if the parties involved exhibited a greater depth of understanding of how they respond under pressure and were educated in the use of skilled behaviors that are the benchmarks of spiritual and emotional maturity.

It has become clear in the evolution of Peace Skills development work that we, as certified peace team members, cannot make peace happen. But we can be the Presence of All Is Well as we model peace-oriented behaviors that reflect spiritually mature responses in the midst of chaotic situations.

The new Peace Skills Institute (PSI) training educates participants in skill development in all of the above-mentioned areas. This translates into mature and effective functioning, personally and in the board and team environments. All of which, when genuinely and practically applied, gets modeled within the spiritual community.

This course is the foundational course for all ministers interested in becoming certified peace team workers and Transitional Consultants.


Toni G. Boehm
Peace and Transitional Ministry Support Consultant at Unity Worldwide Ministries
Rev Toni G Boehm, PhD, is Ministry Skills & Transition Ministry Support Coordinator for UWM. She has supported nearly 300 Unity boards and ministries in leadership skill development. She is the 2017 recipient of the Charles Fillmore Award for visionary leadership.

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