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Published on: March 12, 2015

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Our Purpose Statement

Out of our desire for thriving diverse credentialed leaders, the purpose of our Credentialing Team is to build bridges and collaborate with teams and schools to identify clear standards for our credentialing process, and to ensure that candidates are equipped to meet those standards and to function as effective credentialed leaders.


Rev ShaAllmondSharon2014Webron Allmond

formerly from Unity Church of Peace, Jefferson City, Mo., Field Licensing Program (FLP)
As a new member of the Credentialing Team representing the Field Licensing Program, I find the collaborative efforts inspiring and constructive. We move toward a credentialing process that ensures that our Unity movement will produce successful, effective credentialed leaders. Being a graduate of the Ministerial Education Program (MEP) program, and serving on the FLP team for six years, I’ve developed an appreciation for what it takes to develop good leaders.


BoehmToniWebRev Toni G Boehm, PhD

Alternate Ordination Credentialing Team and Peace and Transitional Ministry Support Consultant for UWM
I serve on the Alternate Ordination Credentialing Team to ensure recognition and support of those spiritual leaders who are out there serving Unity ministries and teaching Unity principles to the world. They deserve to be credentialed and recognized for their success-filled endeavors.


CarterCarolyn2014WebRev Carolyn Carter

Chair of the Admissions Ministry Team, Retired minister serving in Silent Unity at Unity Village, Mo.
Participating on the Credential Ministry Team has been a bonus in my decision to support the Admissions Ministry Team as its Chair. I chose to be part of the Admissions Team to support the Unity movement by ensuring that ministerial applicants are fully prepared and ready to be successful at Unity Institute and Seminary. It is a joy to meet the applicants and see the love and enthusiasm they have for Unity’s transformative teachings as they move toward ministry. Being active with the Credentialing Ministry Team allows me to carry this mission of ensuring successful ministers further by creating standards of excellence across the multiple paths to ministry available in Unity. It is very rewarding to be part of the process that creates successful Unity ministers!



Rev Claudell County

Unity Institute and Seminary, Unity Village, Mo.
I chose to function on the Credentialing Ministry Team because I wanted the rubrics to reflect what we were teaching at Unity Institute and Seminary. Since I teach at UI but am contracted by UWM, I thought it was appropriate to serve on a team that serves both venues directly.


Rev MaFussMark2014Webrk Fuss

Director of Admissions and Continuing Education, Unity Institute and Seminary, Unity Village, Mo.
Every day I talk with individuals feeling the call to serve, the inner knowing that Unity ministry is what they are supposed to be doing with their lives. My service on the Credentialing Team supports them on their path. From setting and communicating clear standards for our credentialed leaders to collaborating with all the paths and teams that will support the education process, this is the heart of what we do on the Credentialing Team.… Calling them up higher, educating, equipping and supporting all who are willing to do the work…. Creating a Culture of Calling for tomorrow’s Unity ministers!


Rev SaKaleSandraCousens2007Webndra Cousens Kale

Inspirational Unity, Scottsdale, Ariz.
I have served on the Credentialing Team since its inception. The reason I chose to serve was to champion our licensed Unity teachers (LUTs) and licensed Unity teacher candidates. When I first joined the team, there were no online SEE (Spiritual Education & Enrichment) courses and very few LUTs as spiritual leaders in Unity communities and centers. Being a part of the desire to improve and keep current our educational resources, uphold Unity teachings, support our LUT candidates, teachers, ministerial students and ministers in this manner is awesome and extremely fulfilling.


Shirley KennedyShirley2010WebKennedy, LUT

Licensed Teacher Coordinator, Unity Worldwide Ministries
I am happy to be a member of our Credentialing Team. As licensed teacher coordinator, I am helping to assure that the standards and processes we use for credentialing licensed Unity teachers are in alignment with the standards and processes used for all other credentialing paths. While licensed teachers are not trained to be ministers, many of our licensed teachers have accepted the role of spiritual leader in their Unity centers. The Credentialing Team seeks to assist these and other licensed teachers in being successful, and it is my joy to be of service in this way.


KenyonCarrie2014WebSqRev Carrie Kenyon

Ministry Employment Coordinator, Unity Worldwide Ministries
I still remember my first experience with Unity (1976) and that feeling of “coming home.” Being on the Credentialing Ministry Team helps me understand the standards for ministers and spiritual leaders regardless of the path that leads them to their place of service. As we create connections and give support to those on a path or in the field, we create more opportunities for others to have that “coming home” experience. I want to be a part of that.

Update from Your Credentialing Team

FortnerBob2011WebSqBy Rev Bob Fortner, Chair
The Credentialing Team met from August 19-21, 2014, at the UWM home office, with some of our members participating online.

The team itself is made up of representatives from the various teams and schools that are involved in credentialing Unity leaders.* We come together twice a year, and our agendas vary depending on what is upon us to fulfill the above-stated purpose.

This year, in order to address concerns from the UWM Board and from the UWM field ministers and ministries, we have three main areas of focus:

  • The Alternative Ordination Team has established an application process for non-Unity credentialed leaders to receive Unity ordination. Inquiries can be directed to Lynn O’Dell ([email protected]) and/or your regional representative.
  • What we can do to support ministries without Unity credentialed leaders and help them either get credentialing for their leaders or recruit credentialed Unity leadership is being explored by a newly appointed sub-team that will begin gathering information this year from the ministries and from Unity ministers no longer serving Unity centers.
  • Another sub-team is looking specifically at licensed Unity teachers’ admissions and standards and exploring a new name for these dedicated credentialed people who are serving in more ways than just teaching classes.

Of course, all the teams and schools listed below are continuously expanding and refining ways we can fulfill our purpose and contributing to furthering UWM’s success.

*Your Credentialing Ministry Team

Chair—Rev Bob Fortner
Admissions—Rev Carolyn Carter
Alternate Ordination Process—Rev Toni Boehm, Rev Ron Fritts
L&O—Rev Mark Schindler
Field Licensing—Rev Sharon Allmond
UI—Ted Collins, Rev Mark Fuss
Urban School—Rev Leslie Wilson, Rev Shelia Cook, Rev Larry Hooks
SEE—Ted Collins and Rev Paul Hasselbeck
UWM—Rev Carl Osier, Vice President Minister and Ministry Services; Rev Lynn O’Dell, Director of Credentialing; Rev Deborah Frownfelter, Vice President Education, Leadership and Ministry Development
Licensed Unity Teachers—Shirley Kennedy LUT
International—Rev Xiomara Malagon
Ethics Review System—Rev Toni Boehm
Peace Team—Rev Toni Boehm
Standards—Rev Pat Bessey

Bernadette Swanson
Bernadette Swanson is Communications Manager at Unity Worldwide Ministries. She works on The Path e-newsletter, Unity Leaders Journal online journal and She is a licensed Unity teacher at Unity of Independence, Mo.

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