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Published on: December 1, 2011

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In January 2010, Unity Worldwide Ministries’ Eastern Region created a church consultant position and folded in the regional representative role. I was hired to fill that position. The purpose of the church consultant is: to be available to our member ministries and ministers to communicate information from the region and from Unity Worldwide Ministries’ home office; to support, educate, and bring people together to share their gifts and ideas with each other; and to be the first responder in times of need in the ministry.

In almost two years in this position, I have visited many of our member ministries, bringing much sought-after board training. Some of the comments from board members participating in the training have been: I wish I had this training when I first joined the board. The best board retreat I have attended. The training session is not only useful to me as a board member, but also personally and in business.

As a ministry, when would it benefit you to contact me?


• When you have a question regarding policy, either at the region level or the international association level.

• When your ministry is making a change in its spiritual leadership.

• At the first sign of “dis-ease” in the ministry.

• When you have questions regarding ministry that your bylaws and/or policies do
not address.


In essence, the church consultant is the front line “go-to person” representing the ministry in the region. I am the resource person. If I don’t have the answer, I will get it for them or direct them to where it might be found.

Other services offered are peacemaking, strategic planning, and one-on-one meetings with ministry leadership on any questions regarding ministry. I regularly connect with the spiritual leaders in the region on a conference call. This is to support networking, sharing of ideas, and to pass along updates from Unity Worldwide Ministries nationally and regionally. These calls have also been used as an education tool by inviting guests who have certain areas of expertise. An example is having Rev. Paul Hasselbeck on a call to let folks know what is available to them as resources and what is upcoming with Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE).

As I reflect on the benefits provided to our ministries as a result of having a church consultant, I believe you would hear from a large number of folks that they feel supported and know who to call if they have a need.

Myths I wanted to dispel coming into this were: “Nobody from Unity Worldwide Ministries contacted us when we needed help,” or “We weren’t aware you were out there.” I no longer hear this from folks. Colleagues, board members and congregants in many of our member ministries know me personally because I have been to their church or they have connected with me at our regional conference or at Unity Peoples’ Convention.

Pat Bessey
Rev. Pat, a life coach, now serves at Unity of Greater Portland in Windham, Maine. She is active as the Eastern Region church consultant and serves UWM as chair of the Standards Team, and as member on the Peace and Credentialing Teams.

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