Book Review: Unity and A Course in Miracles

Published on: October 19, 2016

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Unity and A Course in Miracles: Understanding Their Common Path to Spiritual Awakening by William M Heller and Paul Hasselbeck, Foreward by Rev Stephen Colladay


At last—a book that compares Unity’s teachings with A Course in Miracles! Revs Paul Hasselbeck and Bill Heller used the 2016 Unity People’s Convention as an opportunity to introduce and release their book: Unity and A Course in Miracles: Understanding a Common Path of Spiritual Awakening.

Highlights of the Foreword by Rev Stephen Colladay follow:

It was with great delight and gratitude last month that I read Paul and Bill’s Unity and A Course in Miracles. This book is a stellar, scholarly and accessible work that brings a new coherent understanding of the core teachings of these two important paths of Truth! Avoiding distracting grandiosity, the authors bring clarity to such areas, for example, as the similar but distinct language of the Fillmore’s and Jesus in the Course; suggesting that ‘The Core premise underlying A Course in Miracles and Unity is non-dualism.”

And this gem: “The most fundamental and underlying Truth found in both teachings is that God is our one and only Reality. They say we are an Idea in the Mind of God or God-Mind. It is a timeless, unchangeable Reality that can never be lost regardless of mistaken beliefs in separation and duality. Ultimately our journey or process is to undo these mistaken beliefs and to claim the Truth of our Divine Reality.”

I have not found any other source that offers the profound gifts offered by Unity and A Course in Miracles: Understanding Their Common Path to Spiritual Awakening. By shining their light of understanding and love of two transformational spiritual paths, Paul Hasselbeck and Bill Heller are to be thanked for walking the talk and sharing their profound work.

In closing they say, ‘Ultimately, both teachings provide a path toward living from a higher state of Consciousness, through relinquishing thoughts of separation while embracing Oneness. What more could we ask? Thank you, Unity and A Course in Miracles for lighting our path.’ And thank you Paul and Bill for lighting our path!

Unity and A Course in Miracles is available through, and Wholesale orders can be placed with Paul Hasselbeck or Bill Heller.

Steve Colladay
Rev Steve Colladay is the Ministry Expansion Coordinator for Unity Worldwide Ministries.

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  • Omar Antonio Collazo

    Most definitely, “The Course of Miracles” and Unity teachings are all about correcting the false believe that we are or have ever been separated from the Divine Source. Another book that helped me understand “The Course of Miracles” better is “The Disappearance of the Universe” by Gary Renard. Blessings!

  • James Gaither

    Interesting project, but I do not personally need the Course in Miracles to substantiate my spiritual path in Unity; my intuition, reason and experience provide sufficient justification for following that path. My only objection to the “Course in Miracles” is the conceit that the words come directly from Jesus. Channeling to presume a higher authority and denying personal responsibility for what is written or said is an ancient practice, but always strikes me as suspect. To understand the message of Jesus, we can seek out the historical Jesus through the Gospels and other documents of that era, reflect on the sayings and be open to our intuitions about the meaning of those sayings. To connect with the Christ idea, principle or consciousness, we must ultimately look within ourselves. Accepting any work at face value as authoritative stunts intellectual, psychological and spiritual growth. The “Course” may contain great spiritual truths or it may be mainly nonsense or something in between; whatever the case, we must assess what it says in the light of reason, intuition and experience. The same could be said for any writing, which is the real point I would like to make.

  • David Fleming

    One’s interpretation can be influenced by titles. “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM) is just that, a course, not “The [only] Course…” there are many courses that help satisfy the needs of each and all.