Remember When?

Published on: June 1, 2014

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When good friends get together they often say, “Remember when ….” When we get together and say, “Remember when …,” we share powerful, life-changing memories. We remember the spiritual principles we put to the test as we prepared for the kidney donation in June 2004 that changed both our lives.

Jim remembers using Myrtle Fillmore’s practice of speaking to the cells of her body as he spoke to his kidney in quiet, reflective moments. “You have served me well. Thank you. Now you are going to be leaving this body and going to another that needs you. Carl serves the Unity movement and has many more years to give. Your presence will be a blessing to him and to us all.”

Carl remembers the amazing generosity of colleagues who stepped forward and offered to be tested as kidney donors; and the remarkable story that, while Jim’s Navy dog tags showed his blood type as O+, the current blood test showed A1+, an exact match of Carl’s blood type.

Like Jim, Carl prayed. His one prayer again and again: “I prepare my body to receive, to nourish and to care for this gift of life from Jim.”

Our prayers were magnified by the many family, friends and colleagues who also prayed, seeing us healthy and vitally alive.

And so when the kidney was knitted into Carl’s body, it immediately began to do the work that was its to do. In many instances, it takes hours for a donated kidney to begin to function. Not this kidney. It knew the work that was its to do.

This past October, when Jim met and overcame a health challenge, family, friends and colleagues prayed again.

In our healing experiences, both of us learned that the phrase “to be lifted up by prayer” is more than a figure of speech—it is a physical experience.

Today, we do more than “remember when.” We remember each other. Because of the Unity work that each of us does, we do not see each other often, but not a day goes by when we do not remember what took place on June 23, 2004. And not a moment goes by when we do not remember the healing, uplifting power of prayer.


Carl Osier
Executive Director of Field Ministry and Minister Services at Unity Worldwide Ministries
Rev Carl Osier is the Executive Director of Field Ministry and Minister Services at the Unity Worldwide Ministries home office.
Jim Rosemergy
Rev Jim Rosemergy is senior minister of Unity of Fort Myers Spiritual Center, Florida.

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