Expansion: Unity of Blairsville, Ga.

Published on: August 24, 2016

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Foundational Banners on display

September 30, 2015, was a very special day for individuals living in the North Georgia mountains. That was the day Unity of Blairsville was approved as a Unity expansion ministry. It had only been five brief months since our first study group had been held. However, when you get several folks together who want to start a Unity church, the affirmative prayers, the planning and the work will be done.

At Unity of Blairsville we knew from the beginning that having a vision, a mission and core values as defined by the congregation were to be the foundation of our new church. The meeting in which these were developed was an amazing experience. We soon realized that, even with our diverse congregation, our dreams and aspirations for the church were very similar.

The congregation chose the vision of “Centered in God we co-create a community and world that works for all.” The mission was defined as “We are united to serve as one by living and sharing the Unity Principles as taught by Jesus Christ.” The core values of “Unconditional Love, Inclusive, Integrity, Empowering and Grateful” then naturally seemed to come to light.

The intention had been set to use our vision, mission and core values to define our cultural identity and to guide the church in all of our decision making. The question then became how do we remind our current congregation of this foundation and how do we inform our future congregation members of our church’s cornerstone.

Our Foundation on Display

The importance of the vision, mission and core values to our church meant they needed to be proudly displayed in our sanctuary. As chair of the Communication Committee for the church, I felt that the use of hanging banners would draw the attention they deserve and would show their level of importance to all who are a part of Unity of Blairsville.

We were under tight time constraints since our ribbon-cutting ceremony, organized by our local Chamber of Commerce, was just days away. This ceremony would be the ideal opportunity to unveil our future banners. I felt that one banner for vision, one for the mission and one for the core values would be the most impactful. We checked the space we had available in the sanctuary and decided each individual banner would be 2 feet by 4 feet. We recognized the importance of everyone in our Sunday services being able to read the banners without any problem. I designed the banners following the Unity Identity Program requirements (logo and font) and chose a different color for each banner, based on the color palette from Unity Identity Manual.

By the time we had finished the design, we had just 10 days left to have the banners printed before our ceremony. I went to a local printing shop and ordered all banners printed with LUCIA Inks that are water- and UV-protected. The material itself is a vinyl 15 mil banner.

We were very happy with the results as shown in the picture. The feedback on our banners has been very complimentary.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me at [email protected].

Walter Hoth

Walter Hoth serves as chair of the Communication Committee at Unity of Blairsville, Ga.

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  • Rachel Simpson

    These are beautiful and are an inspiration to me as we are needing to create a similar way to showcase our vision and mission.