Invite Them and They Will Come!

Published on: January 7, 2015

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“How do you get seventeen people from your congregation of 100 to travel from California to Unity Village for World Day of Prayer?” “Who wants to take classes such as Christian Healing, Lessons in Truth or Christ in the Bible?” The answer: I can’t keep them away!

I have consistently invited congregants to see a bigger, wider picture of the Unity movement, beyond our Thousand Oaks, California, congregation. I have shared how the Unity teachings have transformed my life and shared how to apply the Unity teachings. I have encouraged my congregants to take classes, study Unity books, call Silent Unity for prayer, read the Daily Word, listen to online radio, join our Wednesday noon prayer service, go to regional events, visit Unity Village and then…if Spirit calls…to consider becoming a prayer chaplain, licensed Unity teacher or Unity minister. Most invitations have been met with curiosity, followed by an eagerness to engage in some deeper way. People want to know what Unity has to offer, and they welcome an earnest invitation.

Silent Unity building

Silent Unity building

Seventeen of us are just back from World Day of Prayer and the Prayer Experience retreat. For five of them it was their first trip to the Village. Oh, to see through the eyes of a “Unity Village first-timer”! A week at the Village filled each of us with renewed spiritual energy. What a blessing to have three board members, including our president and treasurer, visit Unity Village and catch a vision of Unity on a larger scale, to connect with people from ministries around the country and feel the power of our World Day of Prayer!

The Sunday following our return from the Village, the whole sanctuary was filled with joy! The retreat participants wore badges that said, “Ask Me about Unity Village.” Energetic conversations and plans for our next trip in September of 2016 flowed.

Since 2006 we have encouraged and supported our ministry’s first Unity Certified Spiritual Educator. Our musicians have gone to Unity Worldwide Ministries’ Sound Connections Music Conferences and brought back music that uplifts, inspires and touches the deepest part of our souls. Thirteen students are currently taking classes for SEE (Spiritual Education and Enrichment) credit with Unity Institute. Our prayer chaplain program flourishes and connects the congregation through prayer support. Pop Conscious on is recorded from our church office each Monday by two congregants. Our first ministerial student has moved from California to Unity Village to begin his three-year course of studies.

I feel a great privilege and responsibility to share the joy and power of Unity. I don’t do this alone. Unity Worldwide Ministries and the staff at Unity Village and Unity Institute offer many resources that I take full advantage of. In my heart I know that Charles and Myrtle are thrilled to see so much interest, activity and energy pouring into our Unity ministries, study groups, retreats and global outreach. We continue the work with zeal and enthusiasm. We are building the future of Unity for generations to come.

Molly Rockey
Minister at Unity of the Oaks
Rev Molly Rockey is an ordained Unity minister and licensed Unity teacher. She has been an ordained New Thought minister since 1995 and served as the spiritual leader of Unity of the Oaks, Thousand Oaks, Calif., since 2006. Contact her via email or at 805.496.6901.

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