Does Unity Ask For Money?

Published on: September 1, 2011

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From a letter sent out December 16, 1965, by Charles R Fillmore (then CEO of Unity School of Christianity):

One frequently hears the term “Unity does not ask for money.” This is unrealistic as well as being untrue in fact. In order that we may be together in understanding and prayer, the following statements are intended to clarify this matter and establish a reasonable attitude toward a subject frequently beclouded by emotionalism….

Let us realize that Unity, as an institution, exists in two worlds: the world of the Spirit in which we perform our principal services of healing and teaching and for which no charge can ever be made, and the material world in which we must deal with business entities, banks, vendors, and money. Unity’s genius lies not in “never asking for money” but in a sane, loving, daring, attempt to balance the needs of those two worlds for (hu)mankind’s betterment.

You can read the entire letter in Unity Worldwide Ministries’ Timeless Treasures brochure and find other Fillmore quotes on money and prosperity on the Unity Worldwide Ministries prosperity page.

Debbie Allen
Communications Coordinator at Unity Worldwide Ministries

Debbie, (LUT in 2003) serves as UWM Global Assistance Specialist. She fills in any department needing extra assistance and coordinates the Unity Identity Program. In May 2017 she will be at Unity Worldwide Ministries for 20 years serving in Radio-Media, Development and Communications. She speaks and teaches in churches as requested.

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