Easy Fundraiser for Youth Program

Published on: March 1, 2012

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Our church made a commitment to creating a dynamic youth program at Unity of Bellevue, Wash. But that added about $30,000 more to the budget. We asked our community to help support the additional budget that was required to fund the program.

This was the announcement on Palm Sunday: “We have an incredible opportunity! On Easter Sunday, we have the commitment from the board of directors, the minister, and several families of this church to provide a financial match. What that means is collectively they will “match” up to $20,000 received in the offering basket on Easter Sunday.”

I gave the congregation one week to pray about it and come in the following Sunday with their gift. The Easter Sunday basket was over $33,000, so we had a $53,000 Easter Sunday!

It was a very easy fundraiser with no expense, no person power to make it happen, and no long preparation time. There was a very compelling vision to give to—the youth program. There was a plan with an amount we needed to balance the budget. We knew what our vision was: We defined our dream, we named it, and then we claimed it. But most important, we asked for what we needed to be successful in accomplishing our vision. The congregation held in prayer that we would meet and exceed the Easter match. And lo and behold—we met and exceeded our goal! And everyone felt very good and proud about our accomplishment. We did it together.

Nancy Worth

Rev. Nancy Worth is a graduate of the Unity School of Christianity’s Ministerial Program at Unity Village, Missouri and was licensed and ordained in 1991. Nancy has served Unity churches in Tallahassee, Florida; Austin, Texas; Marietta, Georgia; and Bellevue, Washington. She has served on the Board of Trustees for Unity Worldwide Ministries.

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