Experiences with Prosperity

Published on: September 1, 2011

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I don’t have enough money to do what I want.
My relationships are always so difficult.
I have a health challenge that doesn’t allow me to live my life.
I have a no idea what kind of vocation I’d like to pursue.

These are the presenting statements when many participants begin a prosperity class. I’ve had the honor of facilitating series on reclaiming prosperity consciousness in Unity centers for the last 15 years, watching lives transform right in front of my eyes. Here are a few of the stories:

From Kelli Kalberer:

Kelli Kalberer and Ben (fiance) for H Afrey's article

Kelli Kalberer with fiancé Ben.

I’ve taken Reverend Heidi Alfrey’s classes for “building a prosperity consciousness” at Unity Temple on the Plaza at least four times. There are three reasons I keep coming back.


Firstly, I need the process. Although there is not a prescribed time to make spiritual changes, it takes a personal commitment to deepen spiritual practice, to process joys and fears, to turn negative thinking around, and to learn to be gentle with one’s Self along the way.


Secondly, I see real changes in the quality of my life as a result of the principles taught and practiced in prosperity class. I left a stifling job to pursue the career that feeds my passion. Now I love what I do for a living every day. Having already left an unhealthy marriage, I learned to live more authentically and to hear my own voice. This opened me to attracting a mutually loving partner. Because I was spending so much time in Heidi’s classes, I kept telling myself the right person was going to have to sign up for class, too—and he did! Heidi is going to perform our marriage ceremony this year.


A third reason I return to prosperity classes is community. I get the support I need from like-minded people to make life changes. I watched many people change their jobs and start new relationships before me. Although I wanted these things for my Self, it was hard to see these things as possibilities for me. Interestingly, it wasn’t so hard for my classmates to see my potential and support it. Likewise, it was not difficult for me to see my classmates’ potential and to support them. I am so thankful for the friends I’ve made at Unity.

From Lysa Allman-Baldwin:

Lisa Allman-Baldwin

Lisa Allman-Baldwin

“Your good desires you, and the universe is conspiring to make you happy. Keep your commitment to be all you came to be. There is good in your world for you. Claim it now!”


I love this statement because it captures the essence of what I have learned through Unity and by taking prosperity courses with Heidi. Before coming into Unity, I really didn’t have a concrete concept about prosperity other than the understanding that there was tangible, financial prosperity.


But I now know that true prosperity is a state of mind, my natural birthright, and a higher consciousness that influences every area of my life from my finances to my spiritual awareness, relationships, career and creative self-expression, and my health. Because I choose to live in a consciousness of abundance, I have found true joy, and know that whatever comes my way, all is always well.


As these delightful participants share, my most profound Unity experiences have also happened by being willing to participate in each of the series I now facilitate. The first course I taught was Unity’s “4T Prosperity Program” created by Stretton Smith. Although tithing was a concept to which I’d been exposed, the actual practice and application was terrifying. I came to understand, as every person I observe at the beginning of a course, that we’ve forgotten about “the flow” of our life. Similar to breathing, you don’t just breathe in, we must breathe out, and if one is not breathing well, life is very difficult. This first “experiment” allowed me to leave a job that had become stagnant and uninspiring. I began to believe that “God is my employer” and that my divine inheritance was to enjoy a vocation of passion.

My next prosperity teaching experience was years later with Keys to the Kingdom by David Owen Ritz. I offered this course many times at Unity on Maui during my heavenly island life from 2000-2005. Following the prosperity commitment to listen to your spiritual urging, I was led to move to Kansas City, Missouri, for ministerial school in 2005. Just recently as associate minister at Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City, I began facilitating another series, “Prosperity Plus,” created by Mary Manin Morrissey.

Getting in touch with your creative inner energy, your vision, is the goal of all prosperity courses. I work these principles right along with the class. During this latest series, my Unity Online Radio show was born, “Let’s Get Naked: Exposing Your Authentic Self” (Mondays, 3 p.m. CST). The show is committed to authentic, transparent, prosperous living. It will soon be a workshop and prosperity series itself.

The Truth is, of course, if you look outside at nature, there is no lack in the Universe—it is only in our minds. Prosperity courses teach by spiritual law, conscious community and an increased sense of Self. The results for your spiritual community are the creation of a greater vibration of spiritual wealth in all areas. We must re-mind and re-member who we are to live the bounty of our Divine Inheritance.

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” —Romans 12:2

Heidi Alfrey
Senior Minister at Unity in Chicago

Heidi is an ordained Unity minister and holds a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She guides many in peeling off the layers of the false self through her weekly Unity online radio program (www.unity.fm), Let’s Get Naked: Revealing Our Authentic Selves.

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