Finding a Way Around “the Wall”

Published on: September 1, 2012

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For the past three years, I have had the blessed honor to serve on Unity’s Licensing & Ordination (L & O) team. This is one way for me to utilize my ministerial skills and life experiences while directly supporting ministerial candidates. When I said yes to this invitation initially, I was employed as a senior minister and negotiated the necessary travel expenses (and my time to serve) into the conditions of my employment contract. Once the board and congregation understood the importance of giving back to the greater whole, they supported this commitment fully. It was reassuring to know that the financial necessities to attend L & O were covered.

Following a health challenge, it became necessary to resign my position as senior minister. Because I am the kind of person who, upon agreeing to serve, has an incredible desire to fulfill my commitments, I was now faced with how to financially meet those for L & O. Although my heart’s desire was to serve, our personal finances were fully stretched. As the January 2012 L & O sessions were approaching, I was looking at hefty roundtrip airfare, ground transportation, six nights’ lodging, and food. My husband and I strategized about creative ways to finance this trip. I kept remembering “No matter what, there is always a way around the wall. Remain open to finding a way. Seek a gate.” The first step in finding that gate was to know that creative “right action” was happening for everyone’s greater good—not just mine.

I also reprogrammed my old beliefs—realizing that sometimes asking for help is one true sign of inner strength. Thus, my gate was the realization that I had abundant possibilities before me. The key to that gate was to seek help. I asked people whom I knew flew regularly if they had frequent flyer miles they’d be willing to gift. Just two weeks before L & O, a colleague responded with the needed miles. The rest came easily. Within an hour, I had secured housing and figured out what groceries could go a long way.

I truly believe that my unwavering intention and willingness to ask were keys to unlock the gate of possibility. Let’s not forget a very important component to this entire story: Had it not been for my friend, who heard my request and decided to part with those precious miles, the story would have had a very different ending.

For those of you reading this article who, at times, feel stymied with travel logistics (or anything that blocks you from being in greater service), “Be willing to ask aloud for what you desire in faith.” For those who have resources needed for travel, consider offering them to help another. Sharing what you have has a greater harmonizing and prosperous effect. Thank you to the many angels who helped me fulfill my heart’s desire, and for supporting the greater Unity movement in the way that you serve!

If you have air miles you would like to donate to a team member to support their continued service on a ministry team, please contact Lynn O’Dell ([email protected]) or Celia Holman ([email protected]).

Debbie Taylor

Rev Debbie Taylor serves Unity by the Sea in Lincoln City Ore.

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