The Art of Consistent Giving: A Conscious “Living” Practice

Published on: March 1, 2014

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How many times have you been asked or asked yourself: Does consistent giving/tithing really work, and if yes, why and how?

My tithing journey began in the late 1970s. I was recently divorced, a single mother of one, and in debt. One day in meditation I felt an actual nudge and then heard a tiny voice, interiorly, say: “It is time—Tithe!” My first reaction was, “What, are you crazy?” And I began to recite a litany of why I couldn’t begin to tithe: I only get paid once a month…. It is Christmas, how will I tithe and buy presents?… I believed these were rational questions and great reasons for not tithing.

The next day during mediation, I heard the voice again, saying the same thing—only a little louder, and I decided in that moment to begin to tithe. I went over to my desk and wrote a check.

On Sunday, I handed it to Rev Sig Paulson; no sacred holding and blessing it—I just thrust it at him and walked away. I was scared speechless to give away that much money—and I realized that I had no other choice. I knew it was time to put spiritual principle into action!

Within six weeks I came into $5,000. An insurance policy that I didn’t even know we owned, had matured. But bigger than the money, I was on fire with tithing and giving. I knew I couldn’t outgive God. No matter what. “I can’t outgive God.” That statement has become the lynchpin of my life.

Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, said: “Life is an ever-changing, upward, progressive spiral of conscious evolution.” It means that we live in a non-static universe and experience where everything is constantly in motion and tithing is grounded in the law of motion. “An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion.” And the master teacher Jesus said, “As you give, so shall you receive.”

I learned that consistent giving gets things in motion. It gets a movement in consciousness flowing, and the ever-ready and awaiting abundance in the universe begins to pour in from all channels and sources.

Mr Fillmore also taught that a systematic, orderly, progressive, and consistent practical application of giving creates a spiritual mind discipline and aligns us with the “Spirit” of the law of abundance. Through the act of conscious and consistent giving, tithing becomes more about the intention held behind what is given rather than the amount or percentage given—and supports the capacity to demonstrate the following:

  • A shift in focus from “what’s in it for me”—the struggle to get and get more—to something more interesting, such as a focus on: how does conscious giving support the whole of life?
  • A realization that “I cannot outgive God.” I just can’t! Which opens the way to receive from unexpected channels of Good.
  • Seeing that abundance is about a lot more than money, it involves all aspects of being and life; as it supports us in working through our fears, concerns, anxieties about money and life.
  • Performing small acts of conscious kindness—recognizing a harried waitress and leaving a larger tip than usual, inviting a car to go in front of you in traffic—we become “living” aspects of our spiritual practice.
  • Understanding that I am a part of positive chain reaction for greater Good and grace in action.

Practical Applications Actions

Are you ready and willing for abundant good to be demonstrated in your life?

  1. Commit to being a conscious and consistent giver for 12 weeks by giving 1% of your income the first week and increase 1% each week up to ten percent (10%).
  2. Consistent giving develops you as a spiritual practice for it is an opportunity to participate in the development of an orderly, systematic, process of spiritual mind discipline.
  3. Be a Meta-Sizzler! Consistent giving or tithing is a spiritual practice—not an obligation; so give with a sense of wow!
  4. Tithe or give to where you are spiritually fed each week and to more of what you want to see expressed in the world.
  5. Give with gratitude! Whatever it is that you are giving; it is the consciousness that you give it from that is the most important aspect of the giving. Be in gratitude for all that you get to participate in and with.

When we practically apply these simple and yet important actions, we will eventually receive the realization that—I can’t outgive God! So, what’s in your consciousness? Are you ready and willing to demonstrate through conscious giving and conscious “living”?

Toni G. Boehm
Peace and Transitional Ministry Support Consultant at Unity Worldwide Ministries

Rev Toni G Boehm, PhD, is Ministry Skills & Transition Ministry Support Coordinator for UWM. She has supported nearly 300 Unity boards and ministries in leadership skill development. She is the 2017 recipient of the Charles Fillmore Award for visionary leadership.

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