Tithing to Our Source

Published on: June 1, 2011

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Three years ago, this spiritual community purchased their first building and excitedly moved in. Dreams of what this facility could mean for them and the greater area fueled hope and anticipation. A partnership with a local organization meant that the mortgage would be easily handled.

Then the partnering organization had to step out, and changing economics began to affect the ministry. The community began to experience problems meeting monthly expenses and would borrow from the next month’s income. The salaries for the minister and musician were decreased and even though members wanted to tithe, there wasn’t any cash left over.

That didn’t stop this ministry. Cheryl Tellefson, the board president, reminded everyone of the story of Elisha, the woman with the pot of oil. The woman had lost her husband and the creditors were going to take her sons into slavery to pay the debt. Elisha said to the woman, “What shall I do for you? Tell me what do you have in the house?” (2 Kings 4:2) Cheryl asked the group, “What do we have in the house, in the church?” What they had was the building and they begin to offer the facility for free or a nominal fee to nonprofit groups. One of these groups was a Spanish-speaking congregation looking for a larger meeting place.

Unity Center in Leavenworth, KS

Unity Center in Leavenworth, KS

Unity Center then created a new prosperity affirmation and studied The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by Edwene Gaines. In six months, not only was Unity Center doing better, but so was the Spanish-speaking congregation. With monthly bills being paid, the group stepped into their next financial goal: tithing from the gross.

The next question was, who do we tithe to? In the past, the tithe had been split between Unity and local organizations. However, the ministry already gave to the community through use of the building and participating in holiday bell ringing, food campaigns, etc. Why not give to the organizations that exist so that the ministry can exist? What if we tithed to those organizations whose sole purpose is to make sure Unity Center thrives?

Today, Unity Center in Leavenworth tithes to Unity Worldwide Ministries, Unity School of Christianity, and the South Central Unity Church Association. The blessings continue to unfold for this spiritual community as they continue in their gratefulness for “daily bread” and hold high their dreams and vision of a center that opens minds, hearts, and the doors of its facility.

Kathy Kellogg
Associate Minister, Education at Unity of Mesa
Rev. Kathryn Kellogg has a passion for supporting children and families in discovering their spiritual nature and living lives that are authentic and joyful. Kathy spent ten years at Unity Worldwide Ministries as the Children's and Family Ministry Coordinator and now serves Unity of Mesa, Arizona.

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