What If It IS About the Money?

Published on: March 1, 2014

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Money Consciousness and Ministry

One of the challenges I have with the Unity and New Thought movements is around our teaching of prosperity consciousness. In these programs, it is frequently stated that prosperity is “not about the money.” Yet the majority of the focus of the curriculum and discussions focuses on money. That has always seemed to be an odd, mixed message.

The focus of our money consciousness must be on consciousness—the energetic resonance created by our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and perceptions. We have a consciousness about everything—about work, health, money, relationships and just about everything else under the sun. It is our consciousness about money that gives us our experience of money. When someone has ample financial means, but has a consciousness of scarcity and lack, they will feel scarcity despite the evidence of ample means. Conversely, when one lives in high money consciousness, there is a constant awareness and feeling of sufficiency and abundance. Money consciousness means that one is keenly aware of the implications that money has in our daily life.

I remember when I first became board president at Unity on the River in Amesbury, Mass., I naively believed that I would be able to mold the financial situation according to my consciousness. I have been blessed with a well-developed capacity to manifest external conditions with my consciousness, focus and faith, so I assumed it would be easy to impact the church finances in the same way. What a lesson I was in for! I learned that individual consciousness is only one factor in creating mass consciousness. Herein lies the challenge of creating high money consciousness in our ministries: Any time you bring together a group of people, you will also be experiencing enormous variation in people’s levels of consciousness. The more we can mold group consciousness around money (or anything else for that matter), the more we will be able to tap into the ever-present field of infinite potential.

While I will not even begin to suggest that I can address “how to mold mass consciousness” in a few easy steps, let me outline some suggestions here that you can bring to your leadership teams and develop further in your own ministry.

1. As a board and leadership team, talk about your own money consciousness—discuss how each member feels about money, what money means to them, how they hold their fiscal responsibility to the church as a leadership team. So many people feel emotional distress over money. It is crucial to begin telling the truth about where each individual member feels blocked, unworthy, or a sense of fear or shame with regard to his or her own relationship with money.

2. Engage in spiritual practices specifically designed to elevate the money consciousness of the leadership group. Take on doing a series of affirmations together or do a 40-day prosperity prayer plan.

3. Set financial intentions at each board meeting and then have each board member hold that intention in prayer. Establish prayer partners to connect and support one another around the development of their own money consciousness and holding the intention for the month.

4. Encourage board members, staff and leaders to focus on what you want to create rather than what you do not have. Maintain high money consciousness, knowing that your financial needs are always met.

As each member grows in his or her individual money consciousness, the overall group consciousness will elevate. Don’t hold back—talk about it with one another. Develop a healthy relationship with each other around money because … sometimes it is about the money!


Jackie Woodside

Jackie Woodside is a certified professional coach who frequently speaks and offers training inside the Unity movement. She brings expertise in helping individuals and organizations apply spiritual principles to develop mastery on the spiritual and physical planes.

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