Why and Where Our Ministry Tithes

Published on: September 1, 2011

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I, like many Unity ministers, decide primarily where we direct our church’s tithes.  I believe this is appropriate because I am the one most aware of where our congregation is being spiritually fed.

Between 80 and 90 percent of our tithes go to Unity Worldwide Ministries, our region, and Unity Institute, the places where I feel our ministry and I are most supported. The rest goes to our subregion and local causes that feed our ministry and our mission.

I understand that a major reason Unity Worldwide Ministries is experiencing financial challenges is because ministers are withholding their ministry’s tithes due to differences of opinions about several issues.

Upon questioning a colleague recently, I was told he didn’t feel supported as a minister by the region or our national organization. My question is, “Does having a support structure for your ministry’s YOU, Uniteen, youth ministry, licensed Unity teachers, and your music ministry not support you as a minister?”

It is an important question to ask because these services may soon become unavailable if our ministries do not support them.

One of our basic Unity principles is “as you give, you will receive.” This is why I direct the ministry where I serve to tithe to the organizations that support the ministry. I would be out of integrity if I didn’t.

There are more than enough resources to support Unity ministries, Unity ministers, the Unity Worldwide Ministries, Unity Institute, regions and subregions. I believe we are taught to ask and it will be given.

I ask you to join me in proving that our principles work. Let’s support the organizations that support our ministries and ministers!

Robert Fortner
Senior Minister at Unity of Palm Harbor
Robert Fortner is minister of Unity of Palm Harbor, Florida.

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