Exaggerating What the World Needs Most

Published on: December 1, 2013

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“A saint exaggerates what is most needed in the world.”
—Megan Don, 2010 Eastern Region Fall Conference presenter

For me, that’s just another way of describing what we are about in Unity—to be, to demonstrate, and yes, even to exaggerate what is most needed in the world.

One of the things I think the world needs most is to know our oneness, and our interdependence with each other. Paul wrote about this in 1st Corinthians when he referred to the body as one and yet having many members. I love to remind people here at my spiritual community in Buffalo that we are always connected to something much greater than ourselves. Through Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM), we are connected to each other and so much more is possible because of that.

I recently had an experience that reminded me of the importance of our connectedness. A congregant whose father had passed in another city called me on the Sunday afternoon of Labor Day weekend wanting to find a Unity minister in the area to conduct the service. It was important to her to have a Unity service. Fortunately, because I have been active in our region and nationally, I had the home phone numbers for some local ministers in that area. Within a couple of hours and after three phone calls, we found someone available to provide that service. I felt a deep sense of satisfaction at being able to meet her request, and also gratitude for the connections that made it possible. [Another way you can connect with leaders in other areas is to visit our website.]

Being connected with others outside of our local ministry is very important to me. When The Path comes through my email box, I always open it right away. I realize that reflects a yearning on my part to feel connected to the whole that is Unity. I’m always eager to learn news about what’s going on with colleagues, at other ministries, within Unity Worldwide Ministries. UWM meets that need for us in many ways, through communications like The Path and Unity Leaders Journal, through youth and family ministry programs, Sound Connections, events like our Unity Peoples’ Convention and more.

I see Unity Worldwide Ministries as providing an important piece of what is most needed in the world—helping us to know our interdependence with each other. We are one body and all members of that same body. Together we can exaggerate what is most needed in the world.


Mary Masters
Senior Minister at Unity of Buffalo
Rev Mary Elita Masters, minister, Unity of Buffalo, NY, has served on the Eastern Region Board and as chair of the UWM Board. She shared in Appreciative Inquiry and the Transformation Experience. She has a master’s in managerial communications. She is a “Michigan Early Women Letterwinner” (see FB).

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