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Published on: April 1, 2015

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In my work as a regional education consultant, I travel around the country interacting with ministers, boards and youth ministry teams. One of the requests I frequently hear is a desire to connect with like-minded people beyond their home ministry. There is a desire to not only connect but to also have the opportunity to share ideas and support one another. This is especially true for ministries that are geographically isolated. Having the opportunity to collaborate and learn from one other, so that each person has the opportunity to rise in consciousness, is at the core of this desire.

Many ministries are saying, “We want to be involved, we want to participate, we want to serve, we want to share the fabulous things we are doing!” So, what is a ministry to do when there is no Unity church next door, or the finances to travel to Unity Village, Mo., have not yet shown up?

In this golden age of technology, even though we are geographically separated, we can come together electronically. It is a simple matter of realizing all of the opportunities that currently exist.

Serve on a Ministry Team
These are not the ministry teams of the past. While some teams do meet in person at specific times of the year, many work strictly by conference call and email. This is a great way to share a passion and to make a difference. There are many new teams that have formed. Find one that speaks to you.

Join a Task Team
Task teams rise up for a specific purpose and then dissolve when that purpose has been accomplished. The work of the task team is also done by conference call and email. Click here and scroll to the bottom to see the current task teams.

Connect with LRDT
LRDT stands for Leadership Recruitment and Development Team. The main focus of this team is to search for qualified individuals to serve on our board of trustees. You can participate by connecting with them to let them know about great candidates for the board. Who knows—you might even decide to run for the board yourself. It is an incredible way to have a voice and to make a positive impact on the Unity Movement.

Participate on UWM Dialogue Calls
Dialogue calls (Conversations with Unity Leaders) are regularly scheduled and focus on a variety of topics that are relevant to the growth of the Unity movement and to our individual ministries. It is an opportunity to let one’s opinions and perspectives be heard and contribute to the dialogue. Mark the call schedule on your calendar.

Sign Up for Unity Publications
Sign up at to receive the electronic publications that share news, events and resources. These include The Path, Unity Leaders Journal and Important Communication.

Share Your Thoughts & Opinions
The articles in The Path e-newsletter link to the Unity Leaders Journal online forum where you can share your thoughts about the article’s topic. Voice your opinion and join the conversation in the comments section.

For Ministers: Join the Unity Minister’s Facebook Page
This is a resource/discussion page for Unity ministers. A lot of sharing of tools, ideas and resources happens here. This is a closed group for Unity ministers only. To join, sign on to Facebook and search for Unity Minister Discussion Group. Click on the + Join Group button and wait for the moderator to allow you access. Note: This page is not managed by Unity Worldwide Ministries. 

Write Articles for Unity Leaders Journal
Have a great idea or want to share something wonderful that is happening in your ministry? Check our submission dates and requirements, and consider submitting an article for publication.

Visit the UWM Website
Take some time to explore the UWM website. It is filled with valuable information and resources, including:

  • Talks on Truth in our Video Library – 15-minute videos on Unity’s Truth teachings. Share the videos with your congregation as a teaching tool.
  • Prosperity Resources – This page contains many resources that you can share with your congregation, including ideas for newsletters, tithing and unexpected income programs.
  • Thriving in Unity Materials – You can find PDFs and videos to share from our Thriving in Unity programs.

Visit UWM’s YouTube Channel
Stay up-to-date on what’s happening now and/or visit the archived messages on Unity Worldwide Ministries’ YouTube channel.

Get Involved Regionally

  • Check Out Your Region’s Website
    Each region has a website that lists upcoming events and ways to get involved. The websites share information about the regional conference and opportunities for board service. Many also include a list of ministries to make connecting easier.
  • Teen Events
    Connect with the regional education consultants and find out ways to be  involved in youth activities. You do not necessarily need to work in the youth program to attend teen events as a chaplain or to serve on the wellness team. It is also a wonderful way to see and experience our future Unity leaders.

Connect with a UWM Board Member
If you have ideas to share, comments to make or would just like to connect, our UWM board members are available to you. Give us a call or send us an email!

If technology is not your thing, this presents a wonderful opportunity to engage the younger generation. The use of technology is second nature to our NGUers (aged 18 to 35-ish). Create a team to gather the information and ideas available through the Internet and schedule regular times for them to share this information with you. It not only creates a space for young people to share skills that are natural to them, but it also gets them involved in your ministry and in the larger Unity community.

If your ministry does not have a Facebook page, they cost nothing. This technology team can help you create one and it can be set up to have several administrators, any of whom can post items of interest on it. Invite your friends to “like” your page so word about the fabulous things you are doing can spread.

We know the desire to connect and collaborate is present and active in our lives and as we explore old and new possibilities, we come together in an even greater way so that together we are the Unity movement!


By Rev Diane Venzera, with contributions from: Christopher Ashe, Rev Karen Tudor, Rev Laura Bennett, Tim Alderman and Rev Sharon Ketchum

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Diane Venzera
Rev Diane Venzera is Chair Emeritus of UWM's Board of Trustees. She serves as youth minister for Unity Northwest Church, Des Plaines, Ill., and as youth ministry training director for the Great Lakes Region. She is a writer of Living Curriculum lessons and products for Unity youth ministry programs.

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