Growing Unity Outside the United States

Published on: December 1, 2011

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The love, dedication, commitment and support of our Unity leaders worldwide have made possible that our Unity teachings continue to expand in countries around the world.

Associations of Unity Leaders (AUL) and Unity National Schools (UNS) play an essential role regarding the training of our leadership and the development of our Unity movement.

Associations of Unity Leaders (AUL) were created in 2001. The purpose of the AUL is to represent the leadership of Unity in a country. The AUL pursues union among Unity leaders to unite efforts and talents that will result in support and service to each other and also to the growth of the Unity movement. Several AULs have also received training to support credentialed leaders starting new ministries (groups/centers) in their countries. More than fifteen new Unity ministries have been established over the last four years.

In 2002 over ten new Unity National Schools (UNS) were created in different countries. The purpose of a National School is to provide our Unity students residing outside of the continental US with the same educational opportunities without requiring travel to the United States. Our educational programs support our candidates/students pursuing Unity credentialing. Since 2006, thirty-eight candidates have been ordained and eighteen have been licensed as Unity ministers. These leaders received credentialing through the International Ministerial Program.

Most of our Unity leaders outside of the United States have regular jobs and work in their ministries part-time; they receive a love offering for their services. They, like Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, believe these teachings can change the lives of many people and make a difference in our world. It is because of their love, commitment and dedication that our Unity teachings continue to expand worldwide.

We are proud to serve them from our home office as we support them with our love, prayers, guidelines, policies and procedures to work with the different programs, as we continue to hold the vision to create a world that works for all.

Xiomara Malagon
Worldwide Support Consultant at Unity Worldwide Ministries

Xiomara Malagon, ordained Unity minister, is the worldwide support consultant to Unity Worldwide Ministries.

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