Keeping Up with Current Web Design and the Unity Identity Program

Published on: September 14, 2015

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Do you know that Google search results favor responsive websites? Moving to a responsive website option is not just a cosmetic, easier-to-view upgrade, but it will improve your ministry’s ranking in Google searches. To learn more about Unity Worldwide Ministries developing responsive web designs for Unity ministries, view the webinar hosted by OneEach Technologies. During this webinar, three new Unity website designs were unveiled. You can also view these three templates and learn more about what OneEach offers on OneEach’s website.

So what is a responsive website? The new responsive websites stretch the full screen width, adjust to different screen sizes, and utilize the responsive mobile layout system (an improvement over the current mobile sites that are available). This means that you will be able to view your website on your mobile phone as well as your iPad or other tablet because the website will adjust automatically to your screen size.

A matching grant from Unity Worldwide Ministries through Templeton Foundation support, is now available. Please see the Responsive Website Development Grant page and the October 1, 2015 edition of The Path for further information. Upgrade/programming dates will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

Have You Heard What’s New in the Unity Identity Program?

After much research and discussion, the Unity Worldwide Ministries’ Board of Trustees decided to make branding free as a member benefit to our member ministries. They also opened a path for Unity credentialed ministers within the US and Canada to be able to brand themselves as members of Unity Worldwide Ministries. This information was shared at our annual Unity People’s Convention in Albuquerque, N. Mex., and, as a result, we had 36 ministries and 20 ministers join the program.

This brings our September 2015 totals to: 3 international organizations, 7 (all) continental regions, 1 sub-region, 1 international school, 235 US ministries, 9 Canadian ministries, 9 alternative ministries and 20 individual ministers which now means there are 285 participants in the program. This represents 44% of US ministries.

Is it time for you as a minister or your ministry to join? It is very simple. Go online to and on the right-hand side get the ministry or minister license, fill it out and send it in. The next deadline will be November 5. About two weeks after the deadline (in this case November 19) you will be required to join in on a Welcome Call. At this time we will go through the toolkit and answer any questions you may have. And on the following week, your logos will be sent to you.

Why Would Your Ministry Want to Join?

  • This program is intended to create a cohesive look that will make your ministry easier to find. It has language that helps your congregants answer the question “what is unity?”
  • It also contains marketing tools your ministry needs to promote itself in today’s world. People now go to websites to choose a spiritual home. What does your website say about your ministry as a spiritual home?
  • It offers professionally designed products as free downloads to assist your ministry’s outreach. The top 10 sellers of our first four years are on our resource page for you to download and use.
  • It offers access to a professional printer who does not only printing of paper goods, but also novelty items for your bookstore and events. MiPrintShop also offers a comprehensive mailing program using the Every Door Direct mail to reach the target audience in your area. (On the Unity MiPrintShop web, enter “unity” for both the loginID and password to see all the products that they offer. You cannot order with this login. A user-specific login is provided once you enter into the program.)
  • This is an opportunity to have a top-notch website at an affordable price for all ministries, no matter their size. OneEach sites are easy to update and OneEach consistently looks for new ways to support your ministry with marketing and fundraising.
  • You can get one-on-one support from staff at UWM, MiPrintShop and OneEach. Help is just a call or email away.
  • There is no cost to join. On joining you have access to a private support page with webinars, videos and support materials. There is also a private Facebook page where you can ask questions of those ministries who have been involved in the program for several years.

After hearing all of this, why wouldn’t you want to join? If you are ready, go to and download the paperwork. We launch a new group 5 times a year. Your next opportunity to join the Unity Identity Program is coming up in November, with paperwork due November 5. For more information contact Debbie Allen.

Kristen Preud'homme
Executive Director of Communication and Technology at Unity Worldwide Ministries
Kristen, ordained Unity minister, is responsible for overseeing events, graphics, printed and media communications of all kinds as well as directing the Unity Identity Program. Her focus is to create greater connection and communication among ministers, ministries and Unity Worldwide Ministries.
Debbie Allen
Communications Coordinator at Unity Worldwide Ministries
Debbie, (LUT in 2003) serves as UWM Global Assistance Specialist. She fills in any department needing extra assistance and coordinates the Unity Identity Program. In May 2017 she will be at Unity Worldwide Ministries for 20 years serving in Radio-Media, Development and Communications. She speaks and teaches in churches as requested.

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