Living from our Essence

Published on: June 1, 2013

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Change and transition are happening at an ever-increasing rate. Our ancestors would no doubt be on information overload addressing the texts, emails, phone calls, tweets, posts and general level of information the average individual processes in one day.

With all of this change, One remains constant—the One Presence and Power of Spirit indwelling each of us. To adequately master change and transition, it is necessary that we first go within and connect with our Essence.

Mastering change can require going into the places where things are painful, and breathing into these spaces. Breathing, and opening to Spirit. Then, from that place, go forward to connect with others. Life is alive in this moment, birthing what we are building—not just on an individual level but also on a community level. Pain is sometimes part of the co-creative birthing process. By breathing into these places, we can become what desires to emerge through us.

In the pages that follow, many breathe into their Essence and share ways to master change and transition. Take a moment to read an open letter with our field leaders concerning the Annual Support Sums, discover how 90% of all “issues” that arise within a spiritual community could have been averted, and learn about the HealthyTalk™ process to plan and communicate about change within your ministry. Find out how conflict arising out of change can lead to better decision-making, more involvement, and increase the likelihood of success. Receive coaching about the five phases of transition. Look at trends in contemporary society with regard to how we worship and find out how the small group ministry paradigm can serve you. Read about how you can increase income by focusing on changing lives. Two ministers share methods for creating multigenerational spiritual community, and two more ministers respond to the TE Pilot Program Final Report. Find out how the Enlightened Leaders Program focuses on tools for navigating change. Read about shifting from spiritual community to a movement, and see a video of environmental changes and learn what you can do about them.

Living from our Essence takes the lid off our fear and opens our flow of energy to see our underlying needs. Breathing into the pain releases our need to control and to remain the same. It opens our lives to a greater expression than we initially conceived possible.

Mastery requires communion, breathing and being, listening and speaking—not from our fear but through our fear. Returning to our Essence, our inner tranquility, allows the clarity of our Essence to emerge into new forms, methods and ways of being.

Kristen Preud'homme
Executive Director of Communication and Technology at Unity Worldwide Ministries
Kristen, ordained Unity minister, is responsible for overseeing events, graphics, printed and media communications of all kinds as well as directing the Unity Identity Program. Her focus is to create greater connection and communication among ministers, ministries and Unity Worldwide Ministries.

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