Ministry Engagement Survey Results

Published on: February 2, 2015

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The Communications Team at Unity Worldwide Ministries thanks Marti Hayes for her assistance in creating this survey on Survey Monkey, Dinah Chapman, seminary student at Unity Institute, for her time generating this report, and the Unity leaders who took the time to respond to this survey.  Here are the results regarding engagement that we thought might interest you.

1) What is your role in your spiritual community? (Please check one.)EngagementSurveyQ1

45 Answered / 2 Skipped.

Two-thirds of the respondents (66.7 percent) to Question 1 were ministers, spiritual leaders or licensed Unity teachers. A third of the respondents were board members or other.


Engagement Survey Q2a

2) In addition to “inner prompting,” who or what else primarily inspired or influenced you to become a leader? (Please check only one.)

42 Answered / 5 Skipped.

Approximately forty-one percent of the respondents were influenced by a senior minister or their spiritual leader to become a leader.  A personal life-altering event was a significant influence for 21.4 percent of the respondents, and an S.E.E. class or instructor influenced 11.9 percent of the respondents. Interestingly, combined percentages of the top three influences (73.8 percent) indicate that leaders inspire others to become leaders.



3) How does your ministry engage newcomers (new attendees) to your spiritual community? (Check all that apply.)

46 Answered / 1 Skipped.

Engagement Survey Q3a

A majority (89.1percent) of the respondents give out Welcome Packets to new attendees. Following this particular engagement activity is being personally greeted by the minister or the hospitality team (69.6% and 65.2%, respectively). At least 50 percent of respondents have newcomers fill out a short survey with contact information, invite them to the hospitality/refreshments table, ask them how they heard about Unity, send a welcome letter or email after their attendance, and put them on their mailing list.

1Engagement Survey Q3b


4) What percentage of your congregation participates as volunteers on a regular basis?Engagement Survey Q4a

45 Answered / 2 Skipped

Volunteer participation widely varies. The largest response (10 respondents) is between 11-20 percent volunteer participation. The next largest response was eight respondents with 21 to 30 percent participation.





Engagement Survey Q4b


5) How does your ministry engage and encourage volunteers to participate in your spiritual community?Engagement Survey Q5a

46 Answered / 1 Skipped.

Most respondents make special announcements, put up sign-up sheets, and recognize volunteers from the pulpit. Less than half the respondents hold an annual volunteer appreciation dinner; 15 percent hold an appreciation fun night. Approximately 20 percent of the respondents have a spiritual gifts coordinator to oversee volunteer projects.









Engagement Survey Q6a

6) How does your ministry re-engage former attendees who used to attend your spiritual community? (Check all that apply)

42 Answered / 5 Skipped.

Seventy-one percent of respondents keep former attendees on the ministry’s mailing list and 52.4 present of respondents email former attendees to re-engage them.




Engagement Survey Q6b

Engagement Survey Q7a


7) How does your ministry engage the surrounding community in which your spiritual community is located?
(Check all that apply)

46 Answered / 1 Skipped.

Many respondents publicize their classes and concerts (63 percent), participate in community service (54.3 percent), and post flyers for special events (50 percent). These appear to be the most highly utilized methods of engaging the surrounding community.



Engagement Survey Q7b

8) As a Unity leader, what vital ministry topics and resources can Unity Leaders Magazine focus on to support you and your ministry?

23 Answered / 24 Skipped.

The responses varied widely as this was an “open question” designed to gain feedback on topics of interest.  The four top themes that emerged related to finances, board operations, youth, and church growth—each topic with four to five respondents.

Finances—how to speak effectively to tithing/giving regularly, learning about financial support of Unity, how to encourage ownership “financially,” addressing downturn in giving, and ideas on “fun”d raisers

Board/Church Operations—showcase positive solutions boards have had (problem-solving), gracefully welcoming a new minister, minister contracts, board training, roles and responsibilities

Youth—how to reach out to youth, appealing to young families, Sunday school for children and youth, irregular attendance among young families

Church Growth—attracting like-minded members, community outreach, reconnecting with those who have left, stopping the revolving back door, keeping in touch with first- and second-time visitors

Other areas of interest included marketing (3 responses), volunteer commitment levels (3), spiritual practices (1) and the spiritually independent (1), training in social media (1), helping smaller churches with branding products and advertising (1), location of smaller churches wanting to participate at Unity Village but distance makes it cost-prohibitive (1).

Kristen Preud'homme
Executive Director of Communication and Technology at Unity Worldwide Ministries

Kristen, ordained Unity minister, is responsible for overseeing events, graphics, printed and media communications of all kinds as well as directing the Unity Identity Program. Her focus is to create greater connection and communication among ministers, ministries and Unity Worldwide Ministries.

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