Ministry Teams: Having a Say in the Unity Movement

Published on: March 1, 2013

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Let’s consider the Unity movement as a whole and look at where the power resides. Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM), as an organization that represents the Unity spiritual leaders and communities, is run by a board of trustees. Most board members are elected by those eligible to vote at our annual People’s Convention each June. A few board members are chosen by the board itself. The board is composed of ministers, licensed Unity teachers and lay people. The home office is simply the focal point for making sure that the work gets done for the movement.

Short of being elected to the board, how can the average Unity person influence the policies and procedures of the movement? By volunteering to serve on a ministry team!

The ministry team structure was created to gather input from our constituents to assist the board in its decision-making. It is the vehicle that allows a large number of interested Unity leaders to participate in and influence the direction of the movement.

Just as teams in your spiritual community support the ministry’s mission, the UWM ministry teams support the mission of “creating a world that works for all.”

It takes a lot of diverse areas of expertise and interest to serve our spiritual communities. Our ministry teams reflect that. We have teams that serve accounting needs (finance and budget, benefits), bylaws and standards, ethics review, credentialing (admissions, licensing and ordination, field licensing), education, leadership recruitment, music, convention, pioneering, future trends and global connections.

Some teams have a microscopic focus (bylaws) while some have a macroscopic perspective (future trends). All are important. All provide a piece of the puzzle to who we are and how we operate.

Benefits for Team Members

Serving on a ministry team allows participants to have input into the Unity movement. It creates an opportunity for relationship-building—one of the main satisfactions of serving.

Keeping up-to-date with what is going on is another benefit. People who serve on a ministry team tend to be more involved in the programs offered by Unity Worldwide Ministries. They hear about them at the meetings and at convention. Sometimes they have input into creating them! Participants then bring this knowledge back to their spiritual communities, so the communities become more engaged.

This makes Unity Worldwide Ministries healthier because engaged leaders and communities benefit from their participation and in turn tithe financially and energetically. They participate in leadership growth programs, get ideas for more programs, and are passionate about being in Unity. This passion is felt in our spiritual communities and draws more people into our churches who are interested in getting involved themselves.

How can you get involved? Visit for more information.

Bernadette Swanson
Bernadette Swanson is Communications Manager at Unity Worldwide Ministries. She works on The Path e-newsletter, Unity Leaders Journal online journal and She is a licensed Unity teacher at Unity of Independence, Mo.

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