Moving Into the Future

Published on: December 1, 2011

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As 2012 dawns, I know many of you have questions about the specifics of where we are headed. I offer a few Q and A’s that may help.

What is Spirit calling us to become?

As individuals, we have always been called by Spirit to embody our Unity principles and to live by the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Spirit within us. Now we, as spiritual communities, are being called to become more engaged with the world, Unity and non-Unity. This means we must come together collectively, work together collectively and demonstrate collectively what it means to be Spirit-led, twenty-first century people.

What potential lies ahead for us as a movement?

We have unlimited potential to accomplish what Spirit calls us to do and be. Whatever form that takes, we must be aligned in, and committed to, our shared vision. We must also be able to relate to the generations of young people whose lives have been shaped by a different cultural and social context than that of most of us reading this article. We must also begin to think of ourselves in global terms, for our whole world now lives at our doorstep.

What must we overcome to become this?

We must overcome our financial deficits and align our resources with our priorities. We must also overcome any unwillingness to face our shadow and learn from it. We must authentically walk our talk, and we must do it with great courage, conviction and enthusiasm.

What results could we see if we became this?

Unity like never before—or maybe Unity like before, except exponentially expanded in its influence and ability to change lives. We would be alive, growing, prosperous, and compelling for countless souls seeking the same connection with Spirit.

How am I planning for the future as a Unity leader?

I am praying deeply for myself, Unity Worldwide Ministries staff and the field as a whole. I’m envisioning an infrastructure of timely communication and progressive actions that have their origin in the experience and inspiration from credentialed leaders and lay people all over the world. I am also living in the reality of our integrated oneness.

What considerations/preparations can you take to plan for the future?

Get involved and stay involved, especially as we work through our past, reorganize our present and simultaneously give birth to our future. Give financially to our shared vision. Each one of us is here by divine appointment. There is much to do. Let’s get on with it.

Donna Johnson

Rev Donna Johnson is the President and CEO at Unity Worldwide Ministries.

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