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Published on: July 22, 2015

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The Sacred Service Ministry Guide supports you in raising your volunteer program into sacred service ministry. While volunteer programs provide service opportunities, these opportunities are often disconnected from a person’s primary gifts and calling. Sacred Service Ministry is more than asking people to perform needed tasks in the church out of a sense of duty. From a soul perspective, an act of service is responding to an inner call for soul growth.

Sacred Service Ministry is a philosophy of service based upon knowing that each of us brings gifts and life experience into our spiritual communities along with an inner desire to experience meaning and purpose in our lives. We also want to know that we are making a difference in the lives of others.

Sacred Service Ministry is about assisting spiritual community members in finding fulfilling ministry as part of their own spiritual journey. People may be called to serve in already defined ministry areas or may even generate new ministry areas both within and beyond the spiritual community in support of the Unity mission. Sacred Service Ministry is a whole systems approach that provides a venue for spiritual growth. It is designed, through gifts-based service, to put systems and people in place that create ways for those serving to feel successful, fulfilled and cared for as they develop and grow. In Sacred Service Ministry, members end up both serving and being served themselves.

Creating Sacred Service Ministry is an intentional and important element in shifting from a minister-centric to a mission-centric model of ministry. Thriving spiritual communities intentionally engage members in growing and evolving spiritually and relationally through sacred service. These thriving spiritual communities honor their members as vital, fully empowered partners in ministry. This also encourages a multigenerational community involving the millennial generation in meaningful ways.

Goals of Sacred Service Ministry: Cover_SacredService_Journal

  • To prepare people to understand their gifts and live out their calling in every area of their lives.
  • To help individuals mature spiritually by using their gifts to serve each other and the community, so that the “whole spiritual community can attain maturity of Spirit.”—Ephesians 4:13
  • To draw people into meaningful roles in support of the Unity mission: Advancing the movement of spiritual awakening and transformation through Unity, a positive path for spiritual living.

Over time, members may experience new inner callings, evolving as the soul is prompted to grow again by stepping into new ways of serving. Sacred Service supports both the inner soul and the outer community as they transform over time. Therefore, a Sacred Service Ministry program has regular times to check-in with Sacred Servers regarding their current service and together discern if a new calling requires a change in the form of their service or a new ministry area.

Much effort has been put forth in researching the essential elements underlying a comprehensive and effective sacred service ministry. The guide is an aggregate of best practices, including those referred to as “equipping ministry.” These practices have been field-tested in Unity ministries and the guide includes tips and examples from these ministries.

The Sacred Service Ministry Guide provides a turnkey, whole systems approach to supporting your sacred servers as they choose how and where to use the spiritual gifts discovered in the Spiritual Gifts Discovery course. This guide includes a step-by-step creation process for your ministry and includes:

  • sample sacred service opportunities list
  • sacred service ministry position and team descriptions and templates
  • placement interview templates and process
  • guidelines for training and follow-up with sacred servers
  • dedication service
  • appreciation
  • reassessment process
  • tracking, review and evaluation

It is likely that your ministry already has some or even many of the elements of Sacred Service Ministry. This implementation guide will assist you in assessing your current system, aligning it with “best practices,” and developing a system that serves your community in increasingly supportive ways.

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Deborah Frownfelter

Rev Deborah Frownfelter serves as Executive Director of Visionary Research, Development and Training at UWM and supervised the field-testing process as well as co-authored most of the Leadership and Ministry Development Resource Guides.

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