Sharing Unity Principles Through the Unity Identity Program

Published on: March 1, 2014

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I was recently reading Unity of Greater Rochester, N.Y.’s newsletter and found an article written by Eleanor Celentani about the Unity Identity Program, which they had recently joined. Here is a small portion of that article that I found enlightening:

I met with a young woman from the Rochester Ad Council, a group of professionals in the business consulting field who specialize in helping nonprofits. This woman told us that our branding language ‘Map’ is very attractive and she would want to know more about Unity. The conversation was definitely worthwhile and helped me see more about how to use the branding materials we have been given to allow our influence to expand.

Recall that metaphysically, “heaven” means “expansion.” Jesus sent out disciples in his country, to share with more people the experience of his message. That was the advertising of his day (See Luke 9:2-6). By sharing what we have received, it expands both for others and for us. I am grateful for the spiritual abundance of the teachings we have been given, and for the tools [Unity Identity Program] to make available to those searching for it.…”—Rev Eleanor Celentani (ordained in another faith), Unity of Greater Rochester, N.Y.

As I thought about what she said, I went back and researched other quotes that had been sent to me. Here are a few that seem to confirm the expansion that Eleanor is talking about:

“Each spiritual community that actively uses their website and FB [Facebook] is extending the Unity message around the world too! There are no boundaries.” —Nancy Worth, Unity of Bellevue, Wash.

“Although it may not be our ‘stated’ mission, look at the countries Unity Santa Fe reached with our Unity Santa Fe Facebook page between Dec 12, [2012,] and Jan 26, 2013:  US, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Japan, Dominican Republic, Argentina” —Rev Brendalyn Batchelor, Unity Santa Fe, N.M.

“Participating in the Branding and EL [Enlightened Leaders] programs help keep us moving in the right direction also. We are very happy to have these programs available.”—Kate Guendling, LUT/spiritual leader, Unity of Fayetteville, Ark.

With the new group that we launched in February 2014, we now have 213 participants, as follows: 190 ministries in the US, 11 in Canada, 6 regions and 1 sub-region, 3 international organizations and 2 alternative ministries. We are grateful for the growing expansion of our Unity principles.

Debbie Allen
Communications Coordinator at Unity Worldwide Ministries

Debbie, (LUT in 2003) serves as UWM Global Assistance Specialist. She fills in any department needing extra assistance and coordinates the Unity Identity Program. In May 2017 she will be at Unity Worldwide Ministries for 20 years serving in Radio-Media, Development and Communications. She speaks and teaches in churches as requested.

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