Spiritual Gifts Discovery Facilitator’s Guide

Published on: July 9, 2015

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Yes, your volunteers are capable of making coffee—but imagine their joy and energy if they could discover and match their spiritual gifts with their service! Thriving spiritual communities intentionally engage members in growing and evolving spiritually and relationally through sacred service. This is far more than volunteering.

Sacred Service Ministry is crafted within a culture that places a high value on individual and collective spiritual development and sacred service. This ministry transforms lives within the spiritual community and beyond. People serve in ways that maximize their gifts and callings.

Cover_SpiritualGifts_JournalSpiritual Gifts Discovery prepares people to understand their gifts and live out their calling(s) in every area of their lives. Individuals mature spiritually by using their gifts to serve each other and the community, so that the entire spiritual community can attain maturity of Spirit and serve the larger mission of: advancing the movement of spiritual awakening and transformation through Unity, a positive path for spiritual living.

The Spiritual Gifts Discovery Facilitator’s Guide provides a turnkey, five-week, facilitated small group class which invites spiritual community members into a deeper exploration of their true passions, core values and purpose—how they are being called to serve in the world. Individuals are introduced to the ideas of True Self (Christ Self) and its unique expression, their “Spiritual Gifts,” and how that connects in a greater context to core values, sacred service and spiritual development—maximizing each person’s capacity to grow and thrive.

The outcomes of the program are to:

  • Reconnect with the True Self (Christ Self)—who I have come here to be
  • Identify one’s unique expression—What does the True Self look like in service when I am expressing “who I have come here to be”?
  • Create core values and personal purpose statement
  • Gain clarity on what awakens passion within us and connect that to community and world needs
  • Discern individual gifts for sacred service and see ourselves as stewards of these gifts
  • Help individuals mature spiritually by using their gifts to serve each other and their communities
  • Continue their spiritual awareness and development for self and others
  • Support people in discovering what their passions, not skills, are and what their growing edge is personally and within their relationships in the community

Spiritual Gifts Discovery was field-tested in Unity ministries and found to be both highly effective in achieving the intended outcomes and regarded as transformational by participating individuals.

The program is ideal for both people new to your spiritual community and those who have been involved for years. The goal is to have most of your community participate because it connects individuals to each other and to your spiritual community. This is designed to be a foundational program that can create strong bonds that evolve over years.

Because we are intentionally creating thriving ministries, it is important to keep in mind that your community, even our global community, needs people who are on an ongoing spiritual journey of discovering their gifts for sacred service and who see themselves as stewards of those gifts. Discernment of an individual’s gifts provides meaning and purpose. It becomes the mooring for living in alignment with the values of the individual as well as the values of the spiritual community.

We are in the midst of unprecedented change, personally, community-wide and globally.  By guiding an individual to their inner compass, creative solutions to challenges arise, and we put feet to our spiritual gifts!


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How Can UWM Members Access the Guides?

Note:  These guides are free to Unity ministers and ministries as a membership benefit and as a thank-you for your support to UWM. Others outside Unity are welcome to visit our Shop to purchase these ministry-enhancing items.

UWM members (ministers and ministries) are welcome to watch this video which explains how to access the guides.



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Deborah Frownfelter
Rev Deborah Frownfelter serves as Executive Director of Visionary Research, Development and Training at UWM and supervised the field-testing process as well as co-authored most of the Leadership and Ministry Development Resource Guides.

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"Advancing the movement of spiritual awakening and transformation through Unity, a positive path for spiritual living."

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