2015 Unity Identity Program Update

Published on: December 30, 2015

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What is new in the Unity Identity Program (branding)?

John Templeton Foundation Grants

For qualifying ministries in the Unity Identity Program, Unity Worldwide Ministries will contribute 50% of the development or upgrade cost to establish a responsive ministry website through OneEach Technologies. The selected ministry will provide 50% of the cost of the website development or upgrade and 100% of website hosting and maintenance thereafter. You can find out more by clicking on “Signup Today!” at www.OneEach.com/unity. For grant qualifications, go to www.unityworldwideministries.org/responsivesitegrant.

Responsive websites are built to display well at all sizes—from large computer monitors down to the smallest cell phone screen. Research shows that mobile devices now account for 60% of Internet access. OneEach Technologies reports that organizations who have switched to a mobile responsive website have experienced an increase in mobile views of their website by 200%, with mobile giving doubling for those customers.

As of 2015, Google (the world’s most popular search engine) now requires websites to be mobile-friendly to have a high search engine ranking. In order to help seekers find Unity websites, they need to be mobile-friendly. The purpose of this matching grant (provided by John Templeton Foundation) is to provide our ministries with the tools they need to embody the Unity brand identity, and to build awareness and interest in Unity and Unity ministries.

Grants Given

There were 36 grants given amounting to $7,160.00 in the first round of grants delivered at the end of December 2015. The next deadline date for applying for a grant is February 28, 2016. Please remember that being a part of the Unity Identity Program is a requirement to receive a grant. The next Unity Identity Program launch group will launch January 14 with paperwork due January 1, 2016.

MiPrintShop Updates

Dave Wyssmann, our print partner and owner of MiPrintShop, is going through some serious health challenges and is asking for prayer support. We appreciate all of your prayers.

New products available on the website include Be My Guest Cards. Members can write their names on the front of the cards and give to friends and family to invite them to your ministry. MiPrintShop also has added branded posters where you can add your ministry’s event to the blank portion. You can find these at Unity.MiPrintShop.com by using “unity” for both username and password. This login allows visitors to the site to see all of the products, but only participants in the Unity Identity Program are able to order.

Next Launches

We launch a new group about every other month (except in June.) Below are the next two dates:

Paperwork due January 1, 2016, Welcome Call January 14, 2016, Logos sent January 21, 2016
Paperwork due March 1, 2016, Welcome Call March 10, 2016, Logos sent March 17, 2016

Go to www.unity.org/branding to get the Ministry or Minister Licensing Agreement and future dates.


The Unity Identity Program is still growing. We had 18 ministries and 2 ministers join the program in November 2015. This brings our totals to:
– 3 international organizations
– 7 (all) continental regions
– 1 sub-region
– 1 international school (Pacific Rim)
– 255 US ministries (46%)
– 9 Canadian ministries
– 9 alternative ministries
– 20 individual ministers
For a total of 305 participants
Debbie Allen
Communications Coordinator at Unity Worldwide Ministries
Debbie, (LUT in 2003) serves as UWM Global Assistance Specialist. She fills in any department needing extra assistance and coordinates the Unity Identity Program. In May 2017 she will be at Unity Worldwide Ministries for 20 years serving in Radio-Media, Development and Communications. She speaks and teaches in churches as requested.
Kristen Preud'homme
Executive Director of Communication and Technology at Unity Worldwide Ministries
Kristen, ordained Unity minister, is responsible for overseeing events, graphics, printed and media communications of all kinds as well as directing the Unity Identity Program. Her focus is to create greater connection and communication among ministers, ministries and Unity Worldwide Ministries.

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