UnityConnect: Making Impacts from Unity of Wilmington to South Africa

Published on: October 19, 2015

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As I worked on my document, focused on making the words flow, in the corner of my eye I watched as an email notification popped up. At first I reacted in frustration at the interruption. Then I glanced again and read,

“UnityConnect Contact Request: Love Light [LoveLight – South Africa].”

I paused to understand what this connection meant. I get it, someone wants information about LoveLight, a program I had listed on UnityConnect. I went on to read:

My name is Christine Lyons and I belong to the Unity of Wilmington in Wilmington, North Carolina. As a summer Community Service project, we made little sundresses (sizes 5-12) for little girls and I was wondering if your organization/group would have any means or needs to distribute these little sundresses to girls in Africa?

The favor of a reply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all that you do.

Program Listings link: http://unityconnect.org/listing/lovelight-south-africa/

I realized that the program listing on UnityConnect had brought this connection from Unity of Wilmington to LoveLight, a program of The Light Center in Baldwin City, Kansas. I quickly sent a reply.

I have personally worked in service with LoveLight over the past few years and have traveled to South Africa several times with this program. So I responded, as a volunteer, how happy we were to connect through UnityConnect and then shared where LoveLight works in South Africa. I offered to ask the community leaders there to find out about the need for sundresses in their community. I let them know that LoveLight’s next trip would be in January and that it would be during the summer in South Africa.

In about an hour I had a reply from John Jacobs, the director of the Riviersonderend Community Foundation in South Africa who said, “This is fantastic, there is a definite need.” Through the course of a few more emails, we had determined that 42 dresses would be greatly appreciated, in multiple sizes.

The coordination continues as Robin Goff LUT with The Light Center makes plans for volunteers to offer their services in support of this upcoming trip. Also exciting is the applications coming in for two International Youth Ambassadors (age 18-21) to lead a YOU rally-style retreat in South Africa to empower the youth and transform their lives through self-esteem, teamwork and opening hearts.

Find out more about LoveLight’s work in South Africa.

Want to get your program listed? Join the conversation at UnityConnect.org.

Martin Dowman
Compassionate Social Action Consultant at Unity Worldwide Ministries

Martin Dowman is a 12-year Youth of Unity sponsor currently at Unity Church of the Hills in Austin, Texas. He is the program manager of LoveLight and is working to complete the licensed teacher program, focusing in Youth & Family Ministry, in 2015.

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