Book Review: Adventures in Prayer

Published on: September 1, 2012

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Adventures in Prayer- The Magic of Discovery: Find the Treasures in You and the Gifts of Prayer by Rev Sharon Connors

How do you help your child or grandchild who is entering that preteen stage in creating a foundation of self-worth, confidence and good decision-making? What is the key that unlocks their spiritual identity and gives them the tools to traverse the teen years successfully? I agree with author Rev Sharon Connors that prayer is the answer and is the adventure for a life of “unhidden” splendor.

In her book, Adventures in Prayer: The Magic of Discovery: Find the Treasures in You and the Gifts of Prayer, Sharon leads preteen readers through what prayer is, how you do it, and why.  The book explores the power of prayer—leading young people through story examples that relate to their lives, then guiding them into the process and practice of prayer for the different circumstances. The desire is that a young person will find his or her center of calm and confidence to successfully handle the growing edge of what we call the human experience.

What I loved most about this book is that at the end of each chapter, Sharon provides the young reader (and adult) ways to engage the material. “Treasures to Keep” are statements that summarize the chapter and help the reader focus in on the main points. Affirmations are provided, as well as a variety of prayers for the reader to try out. And because prayer is all about practice, the “Into Action” suggestions help the young person move from theoretical to practical, from information to transformation.

The last chapter explores how different faith traditions use prayer as “the language of spirituality.”

Adventures in Prayer is written in such a way that it is a great resource for young people, whether they are being raised in Unity or not. Easily read and shared, this book is what we’ve been waiting for to support our young people in experiencing their own relationship with Spirit. Prayer is “an adventure with God.” This book is a great roadmap in that journey.

Note: There is also an adult version, Adventures in Prayer: Praying Your Way to a God You Can Trust.

Kathy Kellogg
Associate Minister, Education at Unity of Mesa

Rev. Kathryn Kellogg has a passion for supporting children and families in discovering their spiritual nature and living lives that are authentic and joyful. Kathy spent ten years at Unity Worldwide Ministries as the Children’s and Family Ministry Coordinator and now serves Unity of Mesa, Arizona.

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