Book Review: Living in the Flow

Published on: December 16, 2015

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Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment by Ruth Cherry, PhD, reviewed by Rev Carrie Kenyon

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to do a book review on Living in the Flow:  Practicing Vibrational Alignment by Ruth Cherry, PhD. We hear a lot about different theories and even different practices but one of the things that really set this book apart is the way Cherry, a practicing psychotherapist and a Unity student, demonstrates how the beliefs and practices make a difference in her life. In essence, she models for us a way of practicing our beliefs or “walking our talk.”

The book is divided into two very distinct parts. In the first part, Cherry shares a seven-month journal of her life as she faces her fears and her insights with her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. One thing quickly becomes clear. This isn’t just for physical healing challenges, but for any challenges we may face in our lives from relationships to prosperity. Or maybe more succinctly, it is about our lives.

Courageously, Cherry allows herself to be vulnerable as she shares her journaling on a daily basis. She shows as did Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, that true healing is not a quick fix or just physical, but a healing of mind, body and soul. It involves releasing old beliefs and healing old hurts that we have gathered since infancy. It involves courage to go into our shadows, facing them, embracing them and releasing them.

It is about being present to whatever shows up in a conscious way. Through her journaling, Cherry demonstrated how she got out of the way to get in touch with her essence, her Source and released her resistance. With her courage and vulnerability, she shows us how to do the same.

In the second part of her book, Cherry shares from her knowledge, her spiritual practices and insights she has gained from her years as a psychotherapist in three sections; psychology, meditation and spirituality. In the section on psychology, Cherry draws on her experience working with inmates in a penitentiary. Even though some of them will never be able to walk more than 100 yards in any one direction, they are freer than many of us on the outside. True freedom does not come from our external circumstances but by removing the walls that we have built around ourselves.

Although meditation may be considered spiritual, Cherry gave it a chapter of its own. In this chapter, she shares different forms of meditation she taught her clients as a psychotherapist. There are many different exercises that are practical and could be done easily during a break at work to return us to center.

And last but definitely not least, Cherry talks about Source, the place where our true healing occurs. In clear, easy to understand language, she talks about what Source is and how we can be aligned with it. Cherry brings in the power of gratitude and saying yes to life, however life may show up. For only in that way can we live life to the fullest and be the heroes of our own journey. Are you ready?


Ruth Cherry, PhD says, “Unity teachings laid the foundation for my experience of healing. I am more than grateful to Unity.” Ruth is sharing her series of YouTube videos with us. She says that there are more to come.


Carrie Kenyon
Rev Carrie Kenyon is the Ministry Employment Coordinator at Unity Worldwide Ministries.

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  • Leona Evans

    So glad this book is getting the attention it deserves. I recommend it highly.