Book Review: Partnering With Nature

Published on: March 1, 2012

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Our spirits need engagement with the natural world; without this, our souls wither.”

In moving forward from this core belief, Catriona MacGregor takes on the task of illuminating for the uninitiated the inextricable interweaving of humans with the rest of the cosmic world—not just with animals but with the internal sacred essence of plants, mountains, elements, molecules, energy forms, and even stars. Her premise is one familiar to New Thought students: The Divine presence interpenetrates all of existence.

She reflects many beliefs that will resonate with those in New Thought: the power of thoughts, co-creation, meditation, affirmation, limitless inner potential, communication on a soul level, alternative ways of knowing, and mystical connections. Her intent is to indicate how these spiritual realities are revealed in nature, and that our own soul growth is enhanced by consciously partnering with these expressions of the divine.

She refers throughout to scientific studies that support these convictions: the implications of oxygen; the measurable vibration (song) of the Earth; the pervasiveness of spiral patterns in nature; the zero-point field of quantum reality.

However, it is clear her beliefs are formed by direct experience and mystical revelation. Therefore, to be informed and transformed by her teachings, one must come to her as a teacher who will reveal truths. Then one will follow practices which will make those truths real in one’s own life, and will lead to the transformations toward deeper spiritual reality which she hopes for us.

Indeed, she is a leader into these more mystical ways of knowing. She describes herself as “a visionary bridge builder between nature and humankind.” In that capacity, she leads vision quests, nature quests, shamanic journeys, and spirit animal discoveries. Much of her knowledge comes from the insight found in direct experiences with nature. She speaks as one sure of her turf, and if you haven’t had those experiences yourself, you must come to her with the faith that she has a piece of the truth that you would like to know and that she would like to expose you to. You have to be willing to follow her into the wilderness (both physically and metaphysically) and trust her as a scout, who has been there before and can be trusted to lead you to a new land.

In that guise as wise and learned leader, she provides many specific activities in this book that can be used to move toward the type of learning from nature that she advocates. These can be of great use to those who might like to lead a class based on the teachings in this book.

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Kym Farmer

Kym Farmer is a licensed Unity teacher and co-chair of Unity Worldwide Ministries’ EarthCare Team.

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