Book Review: Truth Will Set You Free

Published on: March 1, 2014

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Each one of us is on an individual journey of awakening to spiritual truth. The spiritual tradition that we were born into, or the religion that was recommended to us as we were growing up, may or may not be the path that would bless us most at this time in our lives. These spiritual nuggets and more grace the pages of John Wilson’s book Truth Will Set You Free. He purposefully did not title his book The Truth Will Set You Free because he believes there is not only one Truth. Throughout his book he shares his main message which is, “Truth is not confined to any one religion but embraces them all.”

According to Wilson, his spiritual journey had its origins in a culture that was misogynistic, intolerant and authoritative. He was well steeped in a faith that taught him to accept authority and not to question his beliefs. His beliefs changed and so did his spirituality. Wilson’s unique path toward wholeness led him to discover a more inclusive spirituality and to write about it.

Wilson suggests to his readers to think back several years and consider what changes have unfolded regarding individual beliefs and spiritual practice since that time. He shares that each person experiences revelation of truth in a unique way. Wilson’s unique path is outlined in his book and his story with all its twists and turns captures the reader. Quotes and quips sprinkle the book, along with some very profound thoughts that will provoke any reader to think more deeply about his or her spiritual beliefs. In fact this is why Wilson wrote this book, to share his journey and to inspire others to explore and discover his or her own spiritual journey.

This book was hard to put down once I started reading it. In it are many gems that I learned in seminary, and reviewing them allowed me the opportunity to go deeper and explore just where I am with each topic that Wilson delves into: Jesus, sin, the Bible, etc. This book would be an excellent resource for a Unity basics course or for a sermon series on the nature of our changing spiritual beliefs.

The book Truth Will Set You Free is available in both hard copy and electronic formats. It was published in 2013, is 196 pages long and can be purchased online.


Diana Kennedy

Rev Diana Kennedy is an inspirational speaker and writer. Diana offers workshops, best described as “playshops.” Her work supports both individuals and organizations in expressing a greater degree of creativity, innovation and inspiration. You can connect with Diana at or on Facebook.

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