Energy Medicine for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Vitality

Published on: June 1, 2014

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Energy medicine is based on the understanding that any physical or mental problem has a counterpart in the body’s energies and can be treated at that level. Bringing better balance and flow to the energies that are maintaining the problem brings greater health to body, mind and spirit!

Despite its roots in ancient healing and spiritual traditions such as yoga, acupuncture, and qi gong, energy medicine is a thoroughly modern approach. It draws on contemporary scientific understanding. According to Dr Mehmet Oz, energy medicine is “the last great frontier in medicine.” It is the medicine of the future. And it is available now!

Its techniques are simple, hands-on and non-invasive. Flow, balance and harmony can be restored and maintained within an energy system by tapping, massaging, pinching, twisting or connecting specific energy points on the skin; by tracing or swirling the hand over the skin along specific energy pathways; through exercises or postures designed for specific energetic effects; by focused use of the mind to move specific energies; or by surrounding an area with healing energies.

To overcome illness and maintain vibrant health, the body needs its energies to:

  • Move and have space to continue to move—energies may become blocked due to toxins, muscular or other constriction, prolonged stress or interference from other energies.
  • Move in specific patterns—generally in harmony with the physical structures and functions that the energies animate and support.
  • Cross over—at all levels, from the micro level of the double helix of DNA, extending to the macro level where the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and the right side controls the left.
  • Maintain a balance with other energies—the energies may lose their natural balance due to prolonged stress or other conditions that keep specific energy systems in a survival mode.

Teaching classes in energy medicine throughout the United States, South America, Europe and Australia these past years, it has been incredible to watch how quickly and eagerly people are learning to work with the energetic dimension of their physical body. Everything shifts as you use energy techniques that not only keep you healthy, but can improve your well-being in every aspect of your life: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Learning to tune into this neglected dimension of your being empowers you immensely.

Donna Eden
Donna Eden, a pioneer in the field of energy medicine, is the author of the bestseller Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women. She and her husband David Feinstein direct Innersource, the world’s largest organization teaching energy medicine.

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