Excellence in Ministry

Published on: December 1, 2012

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Excellence in ministry begins with knowing I am growing my capacity to stand in authentic confidence, knowing my life matters and that I’m here for a purpose. It’s up to me, and I’m going to say “yes” to awakening to the truth of how powerful I am. I will impact how the world will unfold. We recognize that what we bring forth in partnership can potentially have a much greater impact than what each one of us can do alone. We collaborate with each other. We take responsibility to cause the partnerships, the relationships and the collaborations that will flourish in our lives. As I develop my relationship with self, it is reflected in my partnerships.

It is exciting to develop ourselves in ways that enable our leadership to thrive. We challenge ourselves and each other to manage our own boundaries. We hold each other accountable. Excellence is achieved when we give each other the resources and authority to perform and we are willing to have important conversations.

It is about doing what we say we will do, not about perfection. We realize that we will be working with people; and, people will sometimes be imperfect. It is so important to do our shadow work and know there is a higher perspective in the midst of our polarities, so that we’re not victimized by other people’s lack of development.

Excellence is balancing our feminine and masculine energies. We all know that our inspiration comes from a higher power. We also know that this inspiration could not be fully utilized unless the proper technical training is in place. Unfortunately we often hear the masculine technician/editor as the harsh inner voice of criticism. I have found that the more I have allowed myself to have a dialogue with this voice, the more clearly I have been able to hear the editor, the technician, rather than the critic. When others criticize, I find it easier to say thank you for your editing. Then I become interested in their feedback.

Excellence in ministry is bringing our brilliance together collectively, partnering with each other. Join us as we stand together inside of the creative process of life to bring something forward that has never existed before. We’re birthing something extraordinary in which we play our biggest game of excellence.

Special thanks to our regional leadership joining me to explore “Excellence in Ministry.”

Julie Armour
Senior Minister at Unity of the Foothills

Rev Julie Armour is senior minister at Unity of the Foothills located at the entrance of the beautiful Red Rocks Park in Colorado. She is a former Board Chair of the Unity Worldwide Ministries Board of Trustees.

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