From Metafizzle to Metasizzle Unity Life Coaching Offers Gentle Guidance

Published on: September 1, 2011

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Carla McClellan, retreats manager at Unity Village, will always remember an urgent call from her daughter, who was away at college. “Mom, tell me again who I am,” she implored.

As a spiritual life coach, Carla often helps people move past the self-created obstacles in their lives. “Everyone has an inner voice of wisdom, but sometimes we can’t hear it,” Carla says. “We make life much harder than it needs to be by our doing and analyzing. When we know who are, then we can just be. We can live from our most authentic self.”

Carla came to Unity Village to lead the Retreats department in 2009. She’s a Unity minister, a certified life coach, and the host of Spiritual Coaching on Unity Online Radio. Carla has a Unity heritage. She grew up in Unity, and her parents managed retreats at Unity 30 years ago. “It’s like I was bred to do this,” she jokes. Recognizing her strength in spiritual coaching, Carla wanted to make her unique contribution. In summer 2010, she began offering life-coaching services that incorporate Unity teachings. “What I find in Unity is that we tend to metafizzle,” Carla says. “It’s more fun to dream and imagine than it is to do—to demonstrate that vision in the physical reality.”

Carla, who also uses a life coach herself, believes that everyone can benefit from the support, and sometimes a gentle shove. “Life coaching is about creating a safe, confidential space to allow people to observe the chatter of the monkey-mind, surrender to the wisdom, and learn whatever lesson is there,” Carla says. “And then to take authentic action.”

Often people seeking life coaching are moving through transition or have a goal in mind. Carla has had clients aged 20 to 80. They might be looking for guidance in their relationships, moving through a health challenge, or making a career shift. Carla helps them find a strategy to move forward with focus, ease, clarity and grace. Whereas Carla’s strength lies in spiritual coaching, she might also refer clients to professional life coaches on her team who have business or health-care expertise.

Last February, Carla coached a couple from New York—a referral from Daily Word magazine, seeking relationship guidance. In July, the couple invited Carla to attend their wedding and to bless their union. For Carla, the reward is hers also. “I love being able to reflect the wisdom I see in others,” Carla said, “and, at the moment when they see their answers clearly, to see that light come back in their eyes and hear their laughter.”

Unity Life Coaching services are offered on a fee basis.

Mary Earls
Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village

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