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Published on: November 28, 2016

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Would It Be Okay With You If Life Got Easier?

It is fair to say that life is filled with unpredictability and uncertainty in the physical world. When something unplanned, unexpected or unwanted happens and we have no idea how to take the next step forward, we react with an automatic “no” to what is right before us. This stops us in our tracks, without clarity, focus and direction as to the next action to take.

The “no” to what is in the present moment leaves us frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted. In my journey I have found the following question a powerful tool that helps clear my mission/vision and core values: Would it be okay with you if life got easier?

I have found that when I stand on and for these values, my behaviors and actions reflect certainty no matter what is happening around me. I respond from my true self and take action that is meaningful for me. I am coherent with my dreams, goals, visions and intentions.

Would it be okay if life got easier? I love this question because the answer is so obvious. When I ask others, they usually laugh and any tension is released. When I ask myself, I have a choice about what perception to respond with. Do I want to make it hard, or is there a way of bringing more ease and grace into the situation? The yes response allows me to become curious about different solutions. Then as I let go of the outcome, miracles emerge. These miracles are simply solutions I had never thought of before and become more frequent as I trust a greater outcome than the limited thoughts of worry and doubt.

When I say yes to what is right before me, I discover that being uncomfortable—even if for a little while—allows me to uncover the courage within my heart. I enter into the silence and listen to the voice of wisdom.

A friend recently said that life gives us the answers and our heart the questions to ask. That inner voice shows me what I long to be, what I desire next, and what I am here to contribute to life. So my vision urges me past my limited thinking, my mission directs my actions, and my core values point to the behavior required to create a life abundant with purpose, meaning, passion and joy. This is what I call vibrant living.


Ease and Grace

I know that in the darkest moments of life, during those times when I experience a cracking open, light will shine through me as I surrender to the lesson before me. Then if I take a step forward in faith, I experience ease and grace. What I know is true for me is true for all. This is the first principle of Life. We are one with the creative energy of the Universe. As we open to the loving response of Life, a new idea will emerge from within us. Sharing that idea with others going through similar circumstances creates a shared mission that gives clarity, direction and purpose to our daily actions.

When I started in ministry many years ago, within the first six months I experienced the death of my mother, my brother and my 27-year-old daughter. I was falling into the darkness, struggling with identity. Who am I now? What is my purpose? How would I authentically serve this spiritual community? I have studied Unity teachings for over 50 years of my life. Now what? In the silence, I heard my father’s voice saying stick as close to the Principles as you possibly can and trust that you are never alone.

So began a new journey of life. And the wonderful part was I had a community of people willing to love me through to whatever came next. I stuck to the Unity Principles and uncovered my life’s intentions, defining the mission of the community and the slogans that carried us forward. My intention was to do something every day that would have made my daughter, mother and brother proud. In that way, I experienced their aliveness each day.

We became the place where dreams come true. We became the place where no one stood alone and we moved beyond personalities, issues or complaints and onto a pathway of possibilities. What once was hard to say yes to became an opening to a greater demonstration of faith in action. And I didn’t have to do it alone. It became a shared mission.

There are two Rumi quotes that inspire me and connect me with my mission and values. The first one is: “Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrongdoing there lies a field. I’ll meet you there.” And the other: “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”


Certainty and Purpose

If we move past what is right and what is wrong, we find a creative field of possibilities. In this field, the energy is high and free-flowing. It is the energy of ideas, visions, dreams and intentions. This energy is contagious and generous. This is a metaphysical reality. Ideas of right doing and wrongdoing point to a physical reality where the energy is constantly changing and unpredictable.

While physical reality produces uncertainty, intentional focus creates certainty that eradicates doubt, giving our life meaning, purpose, passion and joy. This is what a mission statement can do for individuals and organizations. To experience ease, we are called to support each other’s dreams, intentions and goals. A vision and a mission statement help to build leaders, teams, and a culture that is proactive and optimistic.

Effective and productive leaders and organizations focus on what is working and the contributions each person makes. They work together to create a space of collaboration and appreciation, and focusing behavior and actions on what supports the mission and core values of the community. A mission statement provides clarity on the shared purpose of the organization. It directs our behaviors and actions while encouraging us to collaborate in generous and respectful ways.

What would our world, our spiritual communities, and our lives look like if we supported each other’s dreams 100%? Would we experience the peace, balance, resiliency, love, wisdom and harmony we all desire?

Until we allow ourselves to be uncomfortable, we can never find that courage that lies within our hearts. Ease comes when we dare to be brave, when we are willing to take that next step forward from our mission statement. Courage to take new action demonstrates this greater reality: what we long for already exists. We don’t have to attract it but respond to the vibration of all is well. We take action from that awareness, shifting issues to ideas, complaints to contributions, drama to dreams. Only then will we experience satisfaction and joy.

So my friends, my call to you is to dare to be brave, laugh loudly at what is right before you, and love lavishly. You are a dream come true and never alone, no matter what the circumstance.


Carla McClellan

Rev Carla McClellan is an ICF-certified life coach and leadership development trainer with Academy for Coaching Excellence. She hosts Vibrant Living on Unity Online Radio and is a mindfulness and spiritual coach at Awaken Whole Life Center, Unity Village, MO. She helps people turn their dreams into realities.

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