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Published on: December 1, 2013

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A few years ago I was walking with a friend, a horticulturist at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville, Florida. We came to a clearing in the woods and she just stopped. She told me to “feel the peace.” She was referring to the meadow grasses, trees and eagle’s nest in our environ. She said, “We are safe here.”

Under a sparkling light blue sky, I was taking in much of the life we were encountering. I was able to let go and breathe deeply. The experience came to be an interactive exchange between me and the spectacular plant life. I felt a deep peace. I was giving and receiving on a far deeper level than my grammar school science textbook describing photosynthesis. Here was God nourishing God.

I did feel safe and secure. It was all alive and somehow protective. Remembering the spiritual lesson that “giving and receiving are the same,” it came to me that I could help God’s children of a different form. That is, an important part of my soul’s growth was to help these fellow beings prosper.

We have all learned at an early age that we offer plant life our carbon dioxide in exchange for their oxygen. But on a soul level, it feels like so much more. We are here for each other.

Humanity also relies on the billions of sea creatures for food and spirit-lifting encounters. The joy of the very first spring song from a “robin red breast” reminds us that more spacious days are coming. The variety of life in the sky displays for us great beauty, swooping majesty, and perhaps even a spirit-guide.

We are informed by news reports and United Nations’ Commissions that the resources of our planet are under stress. In the intuitive wisdom offered in prayer and meditation, we are led to a way of being that is interdependent with all of God’s creation. Many now are called to “do and give their best” to walk in harmony with the earth. We are to “live the truth we know.” Each life, each soul, makes a difference in their interdependence with the whole.

Christ Church Unity Director of Compost Management, “Mr. Green Genes.”

Christ Church Unity Director of Compost Management, “Mr. Green Genes.”


In that spirit, our Unity EarthCare Team deeply appreciates the opportunities afforded us to encourage Unity congregations to become “EarthCare-certified.” This designation becomes a profound marker within our movement that the Unity cosmological understanding profoundly includes an awakened relationship with all of God’s green earth.

To learn how your congregation can become an EarthCare-Certified Unity ministry, access a wealth of EarthCare resources and see a list of certified ministries go to our EarthCare page.

Ron Habin

Ron Habin is a cultural anthropologist living in Orlando, Florida. He co-created the Unity EarthCare Ministry Team in January 2008. He has chaired the Green Team at Christ Church Unity, Orlando, Fla., since Earth Day 2008. He also serves as a chaplain at CCU.

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