Living Aloha: Merging Knowledge, Wisdom and Intuition

Published on: November 1, 2016

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My mother, Linda Wilson Meade, loved music, singing and dancing, traditions that reflected her heritage and family rituals in rural western Kentucky. When asked about how she developed her musical passion and talent, she responded simply, “It’s in my bones.”

Linda possessed an intrinsic ability to move in rhythm and an intuitive gift for music. She delighted in family gatherings where her mother played the piano by ear, while other family members united their voices and instruments in song and festivity. She possessed an innate wisdom and creativity that brought her joy.

I like to believe that my mother’s heartfelt natural inclinations came from an inner spark of Aloha. Similar to native Hawaiʻian values, Linda drew comfort from her vast family connections. As one of nine children in a devout Catholic family, she practiced a spiritual tradition filled with rituals, symbols, music and meaning. Linda relied on the kindness and camaraderie of her extensive network of relatives to minimize the hardships of poverty in a dairy-farming and tobacco-growing community.

In diverse cultures with varied customs, across our nation and around the world, we enjoy practices that capture a spirit of sacredness, cultivate rich insights, promote our best virtues, and gather people together in both adversity and celebration. In my understanding, the concept of “Living Aloha” implies, at its core, an intention to enjoy life from a perspective of connection, compassion, caregiving, community and cooperation.


Merging Knowledge or Wisdom and Intuition to Live Aloha

As a cornerstone of my alternative Unity ministry, Unity Spirit of Aloha, I received intuitive guidance to incorporate spiritual wisdom into my ministry. This deep sense of knowing led me to rely on a collection of ancient Hawaiʻian wisdom teachings to craft my Sunday service messages. I feel deep gratitude for Dr Mary Hawena Pukui, who compiled a compendium of profound and wise Hawai’ian proverbs in the cherished resource, ʻOlelo Noʻeau.

In the Sunday messages, I weave wisdom from the cherished teachings of ʻOlelo Noʻeau with Unity and other New Thought principles to illuminate new ideas, insights and inspirations. I envision that our deeper explorations will propel us forward to cultivate rich treasures that expand the meaning and fullness of our lives. New perspectives emerge to serve as guideposts for our spiritual journeys.

Truth principles can be found across all religious philosophies and traditions. For new perceptions to form, we benefit from accepting and embracing that which resides in the invisible realm. As we create quiet and solitude, we nurture our own connections and determine the ideas and processes that support us to further achieve our Divine Purpose.

Ultimately, I pray that each of us evokes and evolves our powers of knowing/wisdom and intuition. When we incorporate these sacred powers into our daily meditation and prayer practices, we step more fully into a revered “Life of Aloha.”



In today’s world, we can pursue a multitude of avenues by which to seek answers externally, rather than internally. Books, popular media, the Internet, and other easily accessible sources can guide us to a plethora of destinations and along a variety of spiritual paths. We may find ourselves researching, and ultimately overwhelmed with, information or ideas on how to maintain our youthfulness, to find God, to collect wealth, to be in relationship, or to live with intention.

Renowned New Thought leader Dr H Emilie Cady spoke to the ready availability and accessibility of knowledge. She shared her understanding of the rich insights one could attain by seeking truth internally. In her seminal work, Lessons in Truth, she wrote, “Heretofore we sought knowledge and help from outside sources, not knowing that the source of all knowledge, the very Spirit of truth, is lying latent within each one of us, waiting to be called on to teach us the truth.”

Dr Cady elaborated on the internal power that always seeks expression as she explained, “Something in you knows that you are greater than anything you have yet experienced or expressed. This inner knowing, this feeling of potential greatness, is the Spirit of God in you trying to break through.” She compared this inner radiance to the sunlight that may be camouflaged by clouds, but never completely hidden.

Another exceptional Unity minister, Catherine Ponder, encouraged us to be receptive in our hearts and minds to the wisdom that can positively affect our lives. In her book, Open Your Mind to Prosperity, Ponder emphasized the significant value inherent in calling forth wisdom to achieve maximum benefits. However, our intentions and expectations must stay positive and receptive. She added, “If we are tempted to engage in cautious or fear-based reactions, we may unwittingly block the flow of wisdom that could be accessible.”

Ponder further clarified, “When you find yourself in circumstances over which you seem to have no control, instead of fighting to survive in those circumstances, that is the time to call on divine wisdom.” Each of us can draw on inner spiritual resources to enlighten and inform our way.

Martha Smock, editor of the Daily Word for more than 35 years, differentiated between the similar concepts of wisdom and knowledge. In her book Halfway Up the Mountain, Smock offered clarity by writing, “Wisdom is knowing how to apply the knowledge we have.”

She continued to distinguish their meanings when she said, “There are persons who read all the books, who know all the Truth principles, who memorize and repeat affirmations and denials, who have the knowledge of Truth but lack the know-how, the wisdom to apply it, to use it.”

Speaking to the fifth Unity principle, Smock added, “True wisdom does not consist only of knowing, but of doing as well.” I invite you to ponder how her ideas resonate with your personal paradigm for wisdom and knowledge.



Our internal wisdom, intuition, can serve as a trusted friend, guide, mentor and ally. The dictionary definition refers to intuition as “a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.”  Synonyms include words such as hunch, sense, notion, gut instinct, or a feeling in one’s bones, just as my mother stated!

Dr H Emilie Cady considered intuition as “the open end, within one’s own being, of the invisible channel ever connecting each individual with God.”

Further, Dr Cady clearly believed that the value of intuition trumped the intellect on our spiritual journeys. While she considered the importance of the two traveling together, Dr Cady said, “Intuition [is] always holding the reins to guide intellect.” Following her recommendations, we ensure that our intuition is “driving the bus.”

Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore also encouraged us to trust our inner voice. In Jesus Christ Heals, Fillmore said, “If you get a good strong perception of something that your inner mind tells you is true, act upon it, and you will find that it will come true.”

In Christian Healing, Fillmore further elaborated on how we could rest assured of what would occur when we look to Spirit for direction and confirmation. “The assurance will come,” he said. “Will it come by voice? No! You will know through the faculty of intuition.”

We see signs of accumulated wisdom, knowledge and intuition perpetuated over time through symbols, art, music, poetry, fables, language, religious practices and cultural traditions. To live a Life of Aloha includes merging both the inherent knowledge and wisdom of our elders with our intrinsic sense of intuition to guide our spiritual path.

I pray that you will stay open to your divinely spiritual nature and incorporate habits and practices to more fully embrace and share a Life of Aloha.

Nancy Little
Dr Nancy Little serves as spiritual leader of Unity Spirit of Aloha alternative ministry, as Unity South Central Region LUT representative, and as UWM Leadership Recruitment & Development Team secretary. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and on the NSA North Texas Leadership Team.

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