Living My Personal Mission

Published on: November 21, 2016

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Forty-four years ago, my life changed completely. A tired single mom, working two jobs, I was sitting on my shabby green sofa in my dingy little apartment reading a book I had paid $3 for at the Unity Church in Houston. That was a lot of money for me in those days, but I had to have that book!

Prosperity by Charles Fillmore altered my heretofore dreary course through life in an explosive way that day. Here is the statement that did it: “Even one life that bears witness to the truth of the prosperity law will quicken the consciousness of the whole community.”

What I heard in my heart as I read this was: “If just one person would live and demonstrate these laws of abundance, that one person would lift the consciousness of all humankind.”

As I looked around at my existence and pondered where my life was going, in an instant I decided! I have nothing better to do with my life. I will be that person. How very little did I know what I was saying, nor did I understand what this deliberate and intentional commitment would demand of me.

Forever, I will be grateful for the work of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. The theme of my life has been to prove these principles work—and they do! Of course, my learning curve has had its ups and downs, laughs and tears, times of celebration and times of despair, delight and despondency. I have found solace in a quote attributed to Plato, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” To my surprise, originally, I found my hard battles were always with myself … and I had to learn to be kind to myself.


Living My Mission Every Day

The mission I found for my life is to transform the abundance consciousness of Planet Earth. So, for me, my life has meaning and not just in theory, but in everyday life. It is no longer only an affirmation for me to say, “God is my Source.” It is a knowing at the cellular level. The many uplifting turning points for me were when I held on to this, knowing at the times when I felt broken, scared, alone and abandoned. That seems to be when it counts.

“Integrity is the ability to listen to a place inside oneself that doesn’t change, even though the life that carries it may change,” Rabbi Jonathan Omer-Man.

I read this magnificent quote in Mark Nepo’s book, The Exquisite Risk. For me, this has been the blessing of my having a mission. No matter what was going on in my life, I knew at some level it was for my good and the sooner I acknowledged that truth, the sooner the pain would go and I could get back to my job with a light heart and a smile for everyone and everything. There is a place inside us all that does not change and all we need to do is to listen to it, regularly.

There have been times when I felt overworked, tired of traveling, pushing too hard and burned out. I have had to remind myself still to take time to rest, recharge, relax and refresh my understanding that this pathway is supposed to be joyous and, if it is not, then I am doing it wrong.


Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

So, here are the spiritual laws of prosperity as I understand them:

  • First: We are required to acknowledge that God is our Source. We do this by returning 10% of all the monies we receive to that person, place, or institution where we have received our spiritual food.
  • Second: We are required to forgive ourselves and everyone and everything else. Completely! All the time! Everyday! We have to quit punishing ourselves with guilt and shame and we must give up the need to blame others, or life, or the government or God!
  • Third: We must set clear-cut tangible goals. We must say what it is that we want. If we don’t know, then we have to take the time to find out what it is that we want. Go apart awhile, spend some time alone with the God of your understanding. Talk to God and learn to listen. Go walk the labyrinth. Take a walk in the woods or go sit on a rock.

Mr Fillmore writes in his book Prosperity, “Desire is the onward impulse of the ever evolving soul.” That desire in our hearts for anything is God leading us along our spiritual evolutionary pathway. We have to learn to ask, to believe, to receive and to give. Then, to watch with wonder, in gratitude and awe, at the loving Presence of Spirit.

Finally, we must get on purpose with our lives. If you don’t know what that is, make one up! Make sure it is fun and something that will require the highest and best that you have to give. The purpose of having a purpose, I believe, is to grow us up to be the light of the world that we have come to be. The intention of our personal mission is to stretch us, to pull us up out of the small self in to the Great Self.

To keep my heart and mind on-task I find I need to pray often. Here is a little prayer that I use each night before I go to sleep. As I lay my head on my pillow, I ask prayerfully, “Have I put anyone outside my heart today?”

And, although I don’t much like admitting it, I frequently find that I have put someone outside my heart. I get to see once more how much more work I have to do … to let go of judgment … and self-righteousness. My job in prayer is to forgive myself, to see what I have done and to make a commitment to be more awake, aware, understanding and kind. Then, of course, I have to forgive them for not living up to my rules and regulations. Usually then, as I see myself and my foibles more clearly, I can laugh at myself and let it all go. If so guided, I make amends when appropriate.

In closing, let me say how much I respect, acknowledge and love you for the work you are doing for yourself and for the rest of us. There is no doubt in my mind that you are on a mission and that you have everything it takes to succeed, thrive, heal yourself and our world, and shine brightly, because, even in the darkest times, you and I, we know the Truth: We live, move, work, play, love and have our Being in and as God!

Edwene Gaines

Edwene is an ordained Unity minister and the author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. She is proprietor of Edwene Gaines Seminars, LLC, Rock Ridge Retreat & Learning Center and Prosperity Products. See web for info on a free ministers’ retreat, workshops and more.

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