Living Originally: Ten Spiritual Practices for Transforming Your Life

Published on: September 1, 2013

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Robert Brumet’s newest book, his fourth, carries his vision of spirituality to a whole new level. It is a vision that I share with him, one that sees practice as the quality that is most missing and most needed amongst most spiritual aspirants, including Unity seekers. In fact, in its earliest incarnation, long ago, it was a book Robert and I thought we might write together, and I have a file folder with some pages I once wrote for an imagined introduction or chapter one. It is also a book he once submitted to me as the long-time editor of Unity Books, but at the time we could not approve anything new. So I am especially pleased that Living Originally is seeing the light of day.

With all the emphasis on theology these days, it is so refreshing to see a book that puts its emphasis squarely on Principle Five of Unity’s five basic ideas, living the Truth you know, putting wheels on the other four, practicing the principles. This latter phrase, so full of alliteration, is quite the Unity cliché. Easy to say, but not so easy to do.

So here’s a book of ten specific practices that explore, deeply and cleanly, areas like self-acceptance, self-awareness, forgiveness, benevolence and communication, but with a radical edge that cuts away our delusions. Key to this book is the crucial distinction between translation and transformation that both our author and I first learned from the work of integral philosopher Ken Wilber. Translation involves learning that is eye-opening at first but which essentially leaves us unchanged. Transformation, however, blows open the gates and drives us to find our core, our deepest nature, and we emerge from our chrysalis a new creature.

Living Originally is, then, a book of transformative practices, born largely out of Brumet’s own search for his own true nature, and his love for mindfulness. In it we can feel the profundity of his realizations, tempered by his compassion and his humor. It is not a book for everyone, but it is a book for those who are seeking to break through to a deeper experience of life.

Robert Brumet is also the author of the popular Finding Yourself in Transition, my favorite Continuing Quest book The Quest for Wholeness, and his ground-breaking Birthing a Greater Reality.

Michael Maday

Rev Michael A Maday, M. A. was ordained in 1984, served churches in Michigan and Missouri, and is adjunct faculty for Unity Institute and Seminary, as well as former editor of Unity Books and Unity House.

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