Living Out Loud

Published on: September 1, 2014

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Living out loud has become a mantra in my ministerial life, and the congregation of Unity of Omaha, Neb., has grown to expect it and responds in amazing ways. One Sunday I was talking about how fears and limiting beliefs keep us from Our Good and I shared about my fear of heights. This fear had kept me from going zip lining, something I had always wanted to do. During an upcoming vacation, I would walk through my fear and have a zip lining adventure. As a result of my journey, many congregants chose to move through fears that had limited them from their good for many years.

I also shared that I would be undergoing knee replacement in a few days and asked them to see the perfection of my body responding in the energy of wholeness and love with a new knee.  I explained that I trusted them to hold that consciousness with me and to release any doubts and fears. I closed the service stating that I would see them the next Sunday. I had surgery on Tuesday, was home from the hospital on Friday, and attended services that Sunday. I did not present the lesson, but I did feel it important that I be present and continue to model our teachings.

Recovery was amazing. The physicians and therapists are still scratching their heads. I teach about our creative abilities and how we co-create as a community and as individuals. I credit the community at Unity of Omaha with being co-creators in this whole process of the knee replacement, the recovery and the excellent rehabilitation. I honor their willingness to join with me in that energy of manifestation.

Believing in living out loud doesn’t mean I wave the banner of issues that I’m dealing with. It means I am willing to share my journey once I have walked through a situation. Being open and honest about our experience models the consciousness of living out loud and supports the community in living life more abundantly.

Manifest the Dream in 2014 is our theme and we have been sharing our dreams and goals while supporting each other in the sacredness of manifestation. Each week I hear stories of huge shifts in lives because they have stepped into their Divine inheritance.

Communication laced with transparency, empowerment and the commitment to community has strengthened Unity of Omaha in ways that could never be scripted. We are truly blessed by living out loud.


Becky Whitehead

Rev Becky moved to Omaha, Neb., in 2009 after retiring from 30 years in corporate America to begin full-time ministry. She became the senior minister of Unity of Omaha in June 2012. Her passions have assisted in creating a dynamic and vibrant community.

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