Partners in Prayer Are Partners in Power

Published on: March 1, 2012

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In this life I welcome all the help that can come my way to empower and bless me in my effectiveness to do what I have been called to do as a spiritual leader. One of the powerful ways I have benefited through the years has been by having a committed prayer partner to connect with weekly at a reasonably consistent specified time. Occasionally one may contact the other at additional unspecified times if challenges or circumstances dictate.

As a minister, it is invaluable to have another person with ministerial experience and with whom there exists or you have cultivated trust, safety, honesty, vulnerability, admiration, confidence, and love. It can be equally powerful and effective with a person who is not a minister but who has developed a spiritual consciousness you respect and with whom you have a free and open rapport.

Obviously, you also seek to open yourself to be in support to the partner as meaningfully as they are to you. Each person shares what is most “up” for them—a focus, issue, challenge, charge, goal, desire—without belaboring it. It is simply stating the facts. Then the other person, being totally non-judgmental, may ask a question or two for clarification, if necessary, and then prayerfully affirms the Truth, and takes the other to a clear, pure, powerfully higher state and perspective about those matters. It is about stepping into the mighty stream of Spirit and Truth through the principle of “where two or more are gathered …”

One might ask prayer support for things like an upcoming event in the church, a board meeting, staff problem, decision, desire, or issue relating to prosperity, health, or relationships.

Ideally it is good, but not required, to have a person you don’t see on a daily or regular basis so as not to become overly dependent, but someone you would surely categorize as a dear friend.

I am so grateful for the two out-of-state dear friends and beautiful souls that I have had as prayer partners for years. I connect with each person weekly, one on an early morning weekday, and the other on Saturday evenings so as to pray for a good lesson and Sunday services, among other things.

I always come away from those calls with appreciation. It serves to give me a lift, shift, or some bliss that is its own fresh new energy. And I even feel somehow invigorated by the ways in which Spirit moves through me with the mutual intention to prayerfully send the other on their way from a higher state. It is true that “as we give, so do we receive.”

Howard Caesar
Senior Minister at Unity of Houston
Rev Howard Caesar is Senior Minister at Unity of Houston, Texas, and has served on the board of Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village, Missouri.

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