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Published on: June 15, 2016

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Perhaps we are still putting words onto Unity’s concept of “missionary” work. It is so clear that we choose not to align with the model of rescuing or saving people, so then what do we do when serving from a consciousness of wholeness?

Over the 10+ years  that LoveLight has been serving in South Africa, I have come to the conclusion that it is all about creating connections. Through everything we do, we create heart connections with people and the Earth herself, and allow Spirit to flow through.

It is all about frequencies and showing up in such a way that each of us serves as an open conduit for the frequencies of pure love to do the work through us. Those who have been clearing out their old programming and inviting Spirit to flow through have the opportunity to radiate powerful, pure love like never before. Wouldn’t Charles Fillmore love the energy field that we are experiencing today? The frequencies are so intense now, as love takes over the planet. Anything that is unlike those vibrations is coming up to be cleared away.

LoveLight’s Work

In South Africa, LoveLight has not been building houses or schools. What we have been building is family. We offer a camp modeled on the IYOU (International Youth of Unity) program for high school youth, with a focus on empowering the youth to be self-confident and to develop strong leadership qualities. The women have a quilting group that has gradually progressed to be creating some truly beautiful quilts. Funds raised by the sales of quilts go into the Youth Education Fund; this fund is the creation of the grandmothers. It was their assessment of what was most needed.

That fund is currently assisting 13 students to be able to attend universities by helping with registration fees, books, food, transportation and other peripheral expenses. For a small town in rural South Africa, this is a major accomplishment, as all of these students grew up thinking that attending a university would be entirely out of their reach. The idea that it can be possible has caught hold and more students come forward each year dreaming of continuing their education.

Now the older students are coming back from the universities and telling the next senior students about how to go about applying for financial aid and bursaries. An example of the education fund at work is the students at one university in Cape Town right now who are still waiting for their meal plan money to come through from the school. We are told it will get to them by June; school began in January! Without the grandmother’s education fund, these kids would have no funds available for food.

One of the old paradigms of missionary work is to spread a religion and build churches. That has not been our focus and yet many youth and adults are receiving Unity principles through all that we do. They have their own religions and most attend a church, yet just like you and me, they may be yearning to feel the presence of Spirit within.

LoveLight’s choice has been to serve in a small town, Riviersonderend (RSE), away from the chaos of the cities. Surely there are many places where poverty, crime, drug abuse and all of the factors that make up post-apartheid South Africa are more acute. But in the quiet river valley where we visit, there is a feeling of safety for American visitors and we are well-known throughout the town.

All of the same challenges prevail for these folks that exist in the big cities and we are told there is the highest per capita incidence of HIV/AIDS in RSE. Yet it is a place where you can wrap your head around the situation, the people and the needs. There are few international visitors in the rural areas and so we can make an impact just by our continued presence. Most importantly, in the less chaotic setting, it is easier to maintain a clear open channel for Spirit to do its work.

Most service projects are outcomes driven. Outcomes are less measurable when one is building a global family rather than building houses or schools. The numbers of students with test scores eligible for universities has sky-rocketed. Youth have gained visions and hope for a better life. These are the people who can change Riviersonderend. That is their job, not ours.

Create a Field of Possibilities

What then is our role as Unity people stepping forward to serve? The very best thing we can do is to do our own personal work. We meditate, pray and build a field of energy frequencies that we can carry in our body, mind and field. Then when we step into another setting that storehouse of frequencies is available to pour through.

It is possible to radiate that pure unconditional love energy to the people we encounter as a healing presence. It is a matter of staying detached from the “problems” we observe so that we can stand in a clear and open place to connect to the truth of wholeness.

Often as Americans, we perceive issues as problems that may not be problems at all to the people we seek to serve. Rather it is a matter of imposing our expectations on others. At times our expectations are what need to shift, rather than trying to conform other people to the American dream standard. If we judge the living conditions or material abundance of others, we may miss the fact that they are content and happy in the simpler ways of life. That is a gift that we can receive from experiencing other cultures.

In a foreign culture there can be plenty of challenges to push up resistance and personal lessons. Away from the comforts of home, it can be enough to focus on staying as clear as possible to allow spiritual energies to flow to others and to the Earth herself. Much as you can place your hands on another person to radiate healing frequencies through to them, we also can harmonize and balance energies from one place to another, as if doing energy healing on the body of planet.

It is always our work as Unity students to be that force for change in ourselves and others, without jumping into the “fix it” mode. We set an intention to show up with a clear, open heart and allow Spirit to do the work. The outcome may not always be as obvious but trust that change is happening just from your willingness to show up and offer yourself as a conduit. Gandhi said, “You may never know the results that come from your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.”

And so we step forward as ambassadors for a new way of transforming the planet, with a strong conviction that the wholeness is already present despite all of the appearance of strife. It is not so much about what we do, as how we show up. We carry the healing frequencies wherever we go and allow them to serve through each of us; the rest is God’s job.

Robin Goff
Robin Goff is a licensed teacher and founder of The Light Center, Baldwin, Kansas. TLC offers retreats and workshops focused on spiritual healing and self-development and is an educational permaculture-based farm. It hosts LoveLight, our international outreach to South Africa.

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