Unity Today: From Receivership to Ownership

Published on: December 1, 2011

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The Unity movement in every way is poised for this very moment. Through the strength of our foundation which is our grounding in our spiritual principles, we are now in a position to have a healing impact on the planet like never before. Our New Thought, ancient wisdom and metaphysical teachings have spread throughout the religious communities and have become a part of the mainstream Christian vernacular. Now is the time for us to push the envelope even more and become once again a leading-edge spiritual movement supporting the emerging consciousness of the planet.

The formula for evolution that I am recommending is: Integration—Inclusion—Transcendence. The classic teachings of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore are well-integrated in the churches, and now is the time to transcend them and give birth to what is now arising on the spiritual frontier. In this model, all that has gone before is embraced and utilized for the emergence of what is next. The past is not negated but enhanced, becoming a part of the larger evolutionary context.

The 2012 Unity People’s Convention will be a melting pot of innovative ideas and an influx of consciousness from many sectors of the New Thought movement, including leading thinkers such as Jean Houston and Barbara Marx Hubbard. This is all divinely designed to support us in taking this courageous next step. Spirit always leads us into the mystery of our becoming, and I feel that Spirit is moving strongly in and through us now.

In our quest to be a Divine instrument for this new emergence, we as a board are leaning on Spirit to support us in each and every decision we make. One of our main focuses at this time is securing a sound financial base. We are putting more emphasis on finances, with more board members taking an active part in analyzing every aspect of our business. We are securing more advice from financial experts to support our decision making. In addition, we are re-aligning the Unity Worldwide Ministries’ home office to insure that we are optimally managing our core responsibilities, such as credentialing, licensing and ordination, placement and ethics review.

In every way, we are choosing to perceive our financial challenges as a manifestation of our prosperity and as a teacher leading us into a better way of being. In this light, we will be looking over the next year to empower our field ministries and ministers to take on more of the Unity Worldwide Ministries functions beyond our core responsibilities. We are looking to support a shift in consciousness from receivership to ownership. Simply put, the future demands that we move away from attempting to be all things to all people and begin to create a vision that allows people to buy into a purpose greater than themselves to be fulfilled on the planet.

This is culture shift for us as the typical church will look at Unity Worldwide Ministries and ask the question, “What have you done for me lately?” In the new model, the question will become, “How can I support Unity Worldwide Ministries to make a difference on the planet and create a world that works for all?”

As I have traveled now to some of the regional conferences, and have had telephone conference calls, I am encouraged by the optimism and the hope that is prevalent in Unity. We are already coming up with new ways of doing things. The Great Lakes Region is an excellent model for this empowerment shift. Its youth education department is undergoing a magnificent transformation in the creation of a team approach to the allocation of responsibilities managed previously solely by the region. Two full-time education specialists are building an organization of key volunteers in their field ministries who will be sharing training and development of volunteers, media production, curriculum writing, as well as other tasks. The atmosphere in the region around this shift is positive and exciting. Untapped resources in the region are being utilized and developed and a greater sense of community and joy is being built.

As a movement, we know who we are. We see that we are a Divine Idea whose time has come. It appears that it may take a little work to get there, but together I know we will succeed. The board and I are committed to work with you so that as we individually have success, collectively we will make a profound difference. We are being called to do a great work and I know we are ready.

Jim Lee
Senior Minister at Renaissance Unity
Jim Lee is a former board chair for Unity Worldwide Ministries and the current senior minister at Renaissance Unity in Warren, Michigan.

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