Unity’s Core Teachings Hold Their Value

Published on: December 1, 2011

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I remain deeply grateful for the work and teachings of the Fillmores. They have facilitated transformation by enabling me, through spiritual understanding, to build a stable life and a stable work through following leadership concepts of affirmations and righteous thoughts. Results tell a story in the demonstration of God-Power. The following affirmation has been powerful in difficult times: “This spiritual center of truth is a channel of love and a manifestation of prosperity.” This works on both a personal and collective basis.

I value deeply conversations with Lowell Fillmore when he engaged me in stories of his mother, Myrtle Fillmore, and her vision for Unity. Our core values definitely relate to prayer and healing. Let us not overlook the importance of  silence. I appreciated the idea that there is not one ideology for the world to which all humanity is called to conform. Unity sees the necessity for differences in culture, and the contribution of each enriches the whole.

“Self-knowledge will lead us to freedom and peace.”

Survival is based on the wisdom of the past and becomes the power of the moment, here and now. Our teachings are an ethical formula for spiritual advancement and experience. The Fillmores saw conversion as the transformation of our whole being as we immerse ourselves in the living Truth. We learn to recognize our Divinity and the connection with our spiritual center. The result is awakening to the new creation, the new being, the self, and the I AM.

Unity has a core teaching of the Power of the Word, and how the right use of Words un1ocks the way inward to both intuition and revelation. Self-knowledge will lead us to freedom and peace.

Within us is the key to the kingdom, a secret hidden for generations and ages, “Christ in you, your hope of glory.” The Bible becomes a fount of wisdom as its stories unfold inner meanings. Charles Fillmore saw the Bible as a history of the evolution of consciousness, a metaphysical way of discerning current meaning, and a mystical path to the inner kingdom.

With all the changes the years bring, there remains a constant: Unity’s core teachings. They are the rock, the foundation, which is simple, yet profound. Blessed are those who live them. Prosperity comes through giving ourselves in service and in joyful expressions of what we have received by application of practical Truth principles.

Richard Billings

Rev Richard Billings is the minister emeritus of Unity of Oak Park, Ill.

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