Book Review: Energize Your Business

Published on: November 16, 2016

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Energize Your Business by Ray Madaghiele; Reviewed by Christopher O’Brien Ashe


Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Proper planning is an important factor in the success of a spiritual center whether it is creating a long-range strategic plan for the future of the community or simply planning for ministry team and/or events. Within Unity Worldwide Ministries, we have a wonderful resource in the Certified Ministry Skills Team who are trained to facilitate strategic planning. For those other times when you want an in-house guide for planning, you couldn’t do better than to have a copy of Ray Madaghiele’s book Energize Your Business on your office shelf. It is a very practical guide for planning in which the author shares his secrets and proven, practical tools and tips he has accumulated over the years.

Ray has more than 25 years’ experience facilitating, training, speaking and coaching in organizations all across the United States. If you have attended the Unity People’s Convention in recent years, you have probably met Ray. He and his wife, Lyn, have been in charge of managing the many volunteers who help at our convention each year. Thanks to his excellent management and planning skills, the volunteers make for a smooth event.

There are many ways to do strategic planning, and not all of them work well. Perhaps you have experienced strategic planning as a “painful, boring dreaded-but-necessary evil.” Many times the process focuses on what is wrong and how to fix it; and in Unity, we all know that what we focus on increases. Energize Your Business (and in many ways, your spiritual community is like a business) provides us with a positive model for planning that is fully in keeping with Unity principles.

It involves the community, whether it is the whole church community or simply a ministry team, in an engaging, inspiring and fun opportunity to create collaboration and cooperation. As Ray says, “It does something unexplainable—it invokes a natural law of attraction, attracting the right and perfect people who resonate with your organization’s culture and aspirations. It organizes and lifts everyone to the next level of fulfillment.”

Four Phases of Planning

The author divides the tasks of planning into four phases.

  • In the 1st Phase, you will learn what will cause your team to get clear about the direction to take the organization and why to do it;
  • In the 2nd Phase, you will learn what will motivate your team to get organized and be on the same page, moving in the same direction, and why to do it;
  • In the 3rd Phase, you will learn what will cause your team to get going efficiently and effectively with implementing your action plans and why it is important to keep the plan alive;
  • In the 4th Phase, you will learn how to ensure that your teams get results that exceed your desires and expectations.

In the last section of the book, the author shares his time-tested secrets for how to set the right energy for the planning process and how to facilitate each element so as to produce amazing results.

Energize Your Business by Ray Madaghiele is an easy-to-read, practical guide to all of the elements of the planning process. It belongs in every church as a resource for all the planning needs of the community.

Christopher O'Brien Ashe
Christopher Ashe and the late Rev Bonny Gilbert Ashe founded Unity in the Foothills, Torrington, CT. He is on the UWM Board of Trustees and is Southwest Region Board Liaison. He was a UWM Certified Peace Worker/Ministry Skills Consultant and a real estate motivational speaker, consultant & mediator.

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