Fostering New Unity Leaders

Published on: March 2, 2015

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As a field minister, it was my joy to see in others what Unity helped me discover in myself. I loved those seekers who attended classes and showed up on Sundays. I loved grading their papers and sharing their understanding of Principle. It was clear to me certain individuals had the potential and personal integrity to carry the message of Truth as a licensed teacher or minister. I convinced the board to financially support interested individuals to move forward with their dreams.

I was interested in their prayer life, their emotional stability, their physical well-being, learning and teaching others to remain impersonal, yet allowing love to be a directive power in decision making. Patience and understanding are requirements in building a healthy congregation. Learn not to judge by appearance, but transcend personality to see The Christ Within.

I encourage individuals to understand that life is sacred, and the ground we stand on is Holy. Our center, Unity of Oak Park, Ill., has developed more than 30 ministers and well over 40 licensed teachers. Rev Helice Greene and I continue to watch over the flock for another shepherd.

I have served Unity School as a teacher, board member, writer and field minister for fifty years. I have done interim work in a number of churches, healing the past and moving into the moment. Always look for the Light in another person. That is very important.

It is important to keep in our sight as we support developing Unity leaders that we cultivate a willingness to serve, even when things are rough. Yes, our intuition will serve us well by turning within and listening to that inner voice. We must know life is not a matter of competition, but one of cooperation in the Oneness we are.

Richard Billings
Rev Richard Billings is the minister emeritus of Unity of Oak Park, Ill.

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