Fulfilling Your Mission With Intentional Communication

Published on: September 1, 2014

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Your mission matters! To effectively fulfill your mission, the quality of your communication with congregants, visitors and seekers plays a vital role. This level of quality becomes your brand, and the stronger your brand, the greater impact you can make on the planet. Being intentional with your communication helps you to convey what’s in alignment with your mission.

You communicate who you are as a spiritual community on many platforms. These platforms are well beyond the Sunday platform and include print (newsletters, brochures, bulletins), web (website, videos, social media), signage (interior, exterior), visuals (Sunday screens, banners, posters, church décor) and even verbal (lessons, announcements).

Let’s start with a question that will serve as a touchstone for quality, intentional communication.

What do I want congregants, visitors and spiritual seekers to think and feel about our spiritual community?

To get a sense of where your ministry current stands on quality of professional communication, look around with fresh eyes as if you are seeing your ministry grounds and communication visuals for the very first time. Or ask someone who’s new in the community or never attended to do the same. What do you/they see and hear? How does what you are seeing and hearing make you feel?

Remember, branding is not what you think they think and feel, but rather what your communication is conveying to them and what they think and feel.

Integration and Consistency

Integrate your branding into every aspect of your ministry, from how you answer the phones, to email signature, nametags, PowerPoints, graphic images, everything. Even the food served at hospitality sends a message about who you are.

Create a consistent look and feel across all ministry platforms. Is the level of professionalism the same across all? If not, congregants and visitors will get mixed messages of who you are and what you believe, leading to confusion. The level of consistency in communication determines the level of connection, trust and engagement within the community and beyond.

Emotion creates engagement. The branding report provided by Unity Worldwide Ministries offers wording and graphics that connect emotionally.

When communication is intentional, integrated and consistent, ministries deliver their message clearly and with credibility. They connect emotionally to those they wish to serve, and they build loyalty within the community.


Tamie Rising
Tamie Rising served as the communications director of Unity Church of Overland Park, Kansas, for 5 years before starting her own company.

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