Mastering Turnover in Social Media Management

Published on: June 1, 2013

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They say that change is the only constant. Staff and volunteer turnover happens in every spiritual community, sometimes without warning. This affects many aspects of the ministry, including your digital and social media, which can often be an afterthought. It’s wise to be prepared and have a strategy in place.

Who owns and runs your Facebook page or your Twitter profile? Who else has access? How often should you change your password? To be sure that someone in your community always has access to your social media or email accounts, you should select at least two administrators for every account. On Facebook, this means making two people who have personal Facebook profiles managers or administrators of your community’s Facebook page. For Twitter and many other social media, two people can use the same password to access the account. For your email service provider, you should have an individual “user” account for anyone who accesses the email platform. When more than one person has access to these accounts, if one of them transitions, you still have access to revoke that person’s permissions, update passwords, etc.

That brings us to another important point: It’s best practice to change any shared passwords any time someone leaves the company that knows that password. It helps keep the current social media team in exclusive control over your accounts (and it’s cleaner). For your email platform, you can simply delete or de-activate the transitioned employee’s account. On Facebook, go to Edit Page and Admin Roles to revoke one of your Manager’s permissions.

More than just passwords and access, though, a change in staff, especially when it’s the minister can mean a change in the personality or “voice” and in the frequency of posting in social media or email. If you think of social media as a “3rd stage” next to your Sunday morning congregants and those who watch from a video feed, you’ll want to introduce and address that change in the same way across all three stages.

Set a precedent and a voice. Embrace those things that were done well before and set a standard for things going forward. Change can be an exciting time to refresh and renew in social media, too!

Ogun Holder
Rev Ogun Holder serves as the senior minister of Unity on The River in Amesbury, MA. He is the author of Rants to Revelations: Unabashedly Honest Reflections on Life, Spirituality, and the Meaning of God and co-host of the Pub Theology Live podcast.
Jessica Best
Digital Marketing Evangelist at emfluence
Jessica Best is digital marketing evangelist at emfluence, a digital marketing firm in Kansas City, Mo.

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