11 Days of Global Unity and a Month for Interfaith Celebration

Published on: March 1, 2011

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Unity Church of Pomona has worked with Unity Worldwide Ministries, Unity Worldwide Headquarters at Unity Village, Association for Global New Thought and We the World for the last two years to create resources to bring people together to celebrate our shared humanity and to build bridges of trust that overcome fear so prevalent today. Working with a number of local faith groups, local government agencies and nonprofit organizations, we create a calendar of events that build peace, harmony and trust in our local community.

11 Days Claremont Islamic Center festival with Sharen Jim Ahmed

Claremont Islamic Center festival with Sharen Jim Ahmed

Faith Centers Working Together

During the last two years, local faith groups have invited the community into their services, or created special prayer times. They have also co-sponsored a Peace Film Festival showing videos that promote peace, inviting the Department of Children and Family Services to share briefly about how communities can assist children and families in our area. Faith groups have gathered together to share their sacred music, especially peace music.

Civic Groups Working Together

Neighborhood watch groups, city crime prevention, local humane societies, fire departments, and pet rescue groups have been involved in a variety of activities.

11 Days Rev Jan blesses neighbors dog at neighborhood watch bles

Rev Jan blesses neighbors dog at neighborhood watch blessing

Extending Our Time Together

The work we do is so important in stabilizing the community in peace and friendship that we have extended the previous 11 Days in September to cover the entire month of September, thus creating a Month for Interfaith Celebration.

Interfaith Walk

Last year the highlight of the 11 Days of Global Unity was the Interfaith Walk for Unity and Peace. The most joyous people I have ever seen walked from the short program at the church to a short program at a temple, then to a mosque to break the Ramadan fast as guests of the mosque. All who participated knew they were involved in a sacred work of creating peace both locally and globally.

11 Days Unity Jan and Mormon Colin at Interfaith booth in Upland

Jan and Mormon Colin at Interfaith booth in Upland



Jan Chase

Rev Jan Chase is minister at Unity Church of Truth, Pomona, Calif., and is passionate about interfaith relations.

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